Green Simplicity Dress

Sunday, May 1

Did you  see Kate's Dress? No?. Hmmphh....then you are probably the last person on earth not to have seen it. I loved the top part of her dress. You can see it here at the Royal wedding website, which also gives the low down on the construction of the dress, and pictures of the day.

I was not really excited about the royal wedding though I was more than grateful for the extra bank holiday. So I had not planned to wake up at 6am ( when the BBC started coverage) to watch the proceedings. But I had been interested in seeing her dress, and I knew I was not alone in this, as I am sure everyone and their cats grandparents was also interested in THE dress. I spent Friday night working on Butterick B5351, and went to bed at about 4am, with just the zipper left to do. When I woke up in the morning and turned on the TV, the first thing I saw was the royal wedding church service, and caught a glimpse of Kate's dress. To say my eyes turned green with envy, would be a MAJOR the one hand, I was in love with the dress, on the other hand, I kept wishing I was in possession of such an exquisite dress, or in the absence of that, an imitation. But I think I would have to rob more than a few banks to be able to afford it.

Inspired by envy, I decided to express my mood through my favourite medium. Yep!! you guessed right. Sewing. I checked through my fabric stash and pulled out a green dress.So, considering the fact that I still had to finish my butterick dress , I needed to sew something simple, which could be finished in a few hours. Cue in Simplicity 9827.

This was such an easy pattern to sew. And who ever knew envy could inspire you, up to the point where you make very few sewing mistakes? . I was even so inspired, I decided not to use the facing provided by the pattern, but used a lace trim for the neck and the sleeve bands ( If Kate can have lace, I can too). This dress does not have closures, so there was no time spent mulling over how best to insert a zipper, or which buttons to use. It was just a breeze really. Hopefully it looks nice to you guys.

oh...a stray ribbon fold there. Will adjust that.
I decided to add a bow made from the ribbon trim.

I like using trims because they give you a unique finish, and you can go crazy with the various ways you can use them.  They are also a fast way to finish your projects without the hassles of understitching facings, or folding and slip-stitching hems.  If there's one thing I think I will be investing in on my sewing projects, is trim.

This dress hopefully gives you all an idea on my state of mind on friday.  I was green with envy, and at the same time loving the lace overlay on Kate's dress.

Right, I need to get cracking on the zip of my Butterick dress. Gosh I hate zips!!!

Enjoy the lovely weather people!




  1. Wow, I wish I could whip a dress up that quickly. You go, girl. Love the lace and the little bow detail.

  2. Thanks Karen. never underestimate the determination of an envious woma. lol

  3. Haha I was inspired to sew after seeing Kate's dress too :) I love your dress - the trim looks great, and the colour is fantastic!

  4. So cute! I love that pattern! Mostly I love that it doesn't have a zipper, I consider them to be a little bit evil...

  5. Fabulous dress! I love the lace trim and that pattern is lovely - fast but very stylish. You look wonderful in the dress!