Butterick Dress

Monday, May 2

I finally finished the Butterick 5351 dress.

The zip was a major issue for me as usual. I started by basting a regular zipper, then changed my mind, and used an invisible zipper. The result was quite unsatisfactory, as for no apparent reason, one side became shorter than the other. So I took that one out, and reinserted the regular zip. I am just so happy its finally done. Somehow I have to get over my fear of zips.

It was a really bright day today so I took this opportunity to drag my husband cum photographer out for a photo shoot. Unfortunately the sun was in my eyes, so my face looks very technical in the photos.

The sun was killing my eyes at this point, and of course the mister just had to take the picture at this time. I like the pic though.

To make View A (the one with the flower print), I bought 2 metres of  material from Goldhawk Road (as usual) for 5pounds  a metre. I also prewashed it, as it is cotton stretch, and I did not want it to shrink to unimaginable proportions after I'd spent hours making it.

The pattern instructions were easy enough to follow. My main issue with them was the fact that they rarely tell you when to finish the seams, so you would sew and sew, and not know when to overlock the seams. I've been making notes though, so next time I will know when to finish off a seam, so that the end product looks more like a daisy field, as opposed to a bomb ridden rice field, with unfinished seams all over the place.

I also find the hem shorter than I would have liked, so next time I will lengthen the hem. All in all, I think it came out ok. What I need to do now is probably practice zipper insertions more, so I don't spend hours trying to put a simple zip.

Have a good week everyone.




  1. that dress is so cute, i love the print (and i hate putting in zips as well!). welcome to me-made june!

  2. It's really cute, perfect for summer.

  3. Thanks. If only someone could invent a machine to insert zips without any input from me, I would love them forever.

    I both excited and scared of MMjune. I don't have up to ten hand made clothes, so, i fear come June I won't have anything to wear.