Micheal Kors dress help needed

Wednesday, January 30

Hi everyone, contrary to what some of you may be thinking, sewing is still very much a part of my life. I am busy planning future makes. No sewing is going on, but I am enjoying the dreaming process. I spend my free time these days gathering inspiration, patterns and..... (whisper this part please)...fabric shopping. Yes, Dibs is still buying fabric, and she is going to be buying more this Saturday when she meets up with other peeps in Walthamstow market.

So, I have been quite busy on Pinterest. While researching dresses I would like to have on my curves, I came across this beauty by Michael Kors.

It is a knit dress. Yes, I know, knit. It is no secret that I love sewing with knit, I have no choice, the curves are most unruly. This particular dress is singing to me because it has the knot at the front, which I have decided, is perfect to camouflage my not too small stomach. My body, alas, is not what it once was, and I now have to be very calculating with my sewing. Gone are the days when I could sew straight from the envelope. Now, I have to make sure the pattern will be able to hide my most uncooperative tummy. It refuses to go down. I was promised, by a few friends, who had had babies before, that everything will get back to normal after a couple of months. Mine refuses to go back in. It has fallen in love with the world, and does not want to go back into whence it came from. And before you ask, yes, I do eat cakes and candy, and yes, I eat a tub of hagen daaz a week, but that does not give my stomach the right to misbehave. Such impudence. Anyways, back to the issue at hand.

To say I love this dress, would be an understatement. Obsessed I am. Seriously. I am obsessed with this dress. We loves it...our precious....we must haves it.

Does anyone know of a pattern that is similar to this? I want the knot effect at the front, to hide my big tummy.

Have a nice week, and now, I must go back to my dreaming.

Skirting the issue

Sunday, January 6

Happy New Year people!

How have you all been? Hope the new year has started well. Well it certainly has for me. I made a skirt. Its an easy project, so technically might not impress all you good people out there, but I am happy. You will all know I have not made anything lately, so I wanted to start with something light. This will hopefully make me get my sewing groove on.