Mad Men is ruining my life.

Tuesday, May 17

It's 11:30pm, and I am going to bed a very disappointed woman.
Today of all days, when I was inspired to sew, was the day my other half decided to watch Mad Men. Normally I sew in the living room, and he never bothers about the sweet music of my sewing machine. Today however, was Mad Men day.
I tried ignoring the steady increase of the tv volume. Firing away on my machine. The harder I pushed my foot pedal, the louder my machine squeaked, and of course, the louder the tv became. In the end, I gave up, turned off my machine, and resigned myself to another wasted night of no sewing. I started counting the seconds, realising with dread that every one took me closer to a June of limited outfits.
Sitting idle did help me though, because it gave me time to evaluate my assembly line tops. I decided to make each one different. They only have the same base obviously, but I want each one of them to have a unique feature. So, one will have a peter pan collar, one will have ruffles down the front, and the other one will have a band at the hem which will be tied.
I spent the rest of the evening figuring how to draft a peter pan collar, using my pattern drafting books, and ended up with this.


  1. My boyfriend puts the subtitles on the telly when I'm going mad on the sewing machine and he's watching something!

  2. Now that's a good idea. I'll suggest that to him. Wonder if he'll find me amusing.

  3. I love peter pan collars, so in my opinion this is going to look amazing ;o) I think it's a great idea to give all your tops a unique feature...can't wait to see them all!