Dressing the Bump!!

Monday, October 31

Thank you ladies, for all the congratulatory messages. I was so touched by how happy you all were by my little baby news. Now, about the baby, we don't know what we are having yet. I am convinced it's a girl. Mr. Dibs on the other hand is convinced its a boy because of my absolute conviction that there is a little mini-me growing inside me. His theory being tha mothers always get the gender wrong. I asked him to bet £20 on that, and got a big NO in return.....the little coward!!!

I don't mind the gender of the baby to be honest. All I am praying for is a healthy baby, so I shall be grateful for either boy or girl. That said, I am still 100% convinced its a girl. I don't know why I'm so certain of this. One possibility could be the fact that I have been dreaming of sewing little pillow case dresses for a baby girl. I don't think a mini Mr.Dibs will be amused by mummy's pillow case dresses. I've also realised there are many more patterns out there for little girls compared to boys.

While we are on the subject of patterns........when I found out I was preggers, one of the things I started doing was looking for nice maternity patterns. I've been looking for too long now I think. Unfortunately though, I can't seem to find any pattern that will make me go "WOW". There's alot of stuff on the blogoshphere for diy maternity wear but most often they are for casual wear, whch is perfect if you have the luxury of staying at home. I don't stop working till February, so I have to find patterns that will tide me professionally till I can relax for a whole week in my yoga pants.

I've put aside a few patterns which I like, and which I think will do me some good. First up, Vogue 1179. Seeing Eugenia and Karen raving about this pattern made me cave in. I ordered it this morning, so it should be here soon.

And a few others


Vogue 8489.....

Vogue 8575...

Butterick 5523

You will have noticed there are no skirts or trousers. I can't seem to decide on what to do about those, so for now I shall start off with these. The idea is to make things I can also wear after I have the baby. All of these patterns require knit fabric so hopefully they shall stretch as the bump grows, and since they are not really maternity patterns, I can always use them later.

I went to Walthamstow market on saturday to source knit fabric, and I did come out with a few good bargains, which I shall blog about in another post. Walthamstow market is definitely the way forward for me galore I tell you. Imagine buying knit fabric for £1.50/metre. oh yes!! thats my cup of tea. more on that expedition later. Its bed time..................

Still alive and kicking!!

Saturday, October 29

Hi peeps. Been a while since I've been on here. Those of you who have been reading my blog would know I was sick sometime ago. What a mysterious illness it was. Well I'm glad to say the good people at the NHS found out what was wrong with yours truly, and I am being looked after.....not properly all the time.....but most often they make me feel happy.

So, about this illness. what exactly has kept me from you all? ahem!!! Lets say i'm suffering from one of those conditions that make you go through 3 stages. Each stage lasts approximately 3months. The first and and the last stages being the worst. I am in the second stage now, having gone through a horrible first stage, which made me so ill, as you all can testify.  I have not made anything sewing or crocheting related since July. Shocking non?

The second stage is really treating me well. I am almost certain I am enjoying this stage. Then again, thoughts of the last 3 months of my "illness" fill me with dread!!

All of this, will of course have a direct impact on what I will be sewing in the coming months. I'm already going crazy just thinking about all those projects.

1 thing that has been puzzling me about this "illness", is its inability to help me loose weight. You'd think being sick for the past 4.5 months would leave anyone stick thin right? Apparently not. If anything, I have piled on a couple of pounds in places which can't be hidden. I kid you not. I am fast running out of clothes.

I have not taken any pictures of myself......too concious of the extra bulges here and there, but suffice it to say I look somewhat like this

maybe not that black, but still..........

A shout out to Debbie of Minnado's House, who I know is going through the same "illness" as moi.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.