Overlocker Issues

Thursday, March 31

Oh man, I need an overlocker.

Lasty year (April)  I managed to buy one (Brother) from ebay at a really good price, but just when I conquered my fear of threading the overlocker ( December), my mom came from Cameroon and slyly suggested she needed an overlocker. Without realising, I offered her mine. I regretted that the second I heard myself say it, but I could not even retract the sentence because my mom would never let me.

I realised my mom has become quite skilled at getting stuff from me. She knows if she ask's outright, I would say no, so now she adopts a really sad face, and complains about stuff, and me, feeling bad for her, would offer to help. Then as soon as I offer to help, she brightens up, and life goes on. I don't blame her though, I blame me, and my impulsive nature.

Which brings me to the issue of today. I impulsively gave her my last overlocker, but I don't want to get one based on an impulsive buy. So I need advice on what is out there.

Can anyone recommend a good one?