An addition to the family!!!

Wednesday, September 7

So I have an announcement to make.

There's been a new addition to the family.

Meet our newest member:

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As of today, I am the proud owner of a Bernina 1010.

Today, I was unable to go to work because I was feeling poorly in the morning, so when I felt a bit better, I decided to step out to find something to eat. I passed by the charity shop near my house to look for any thing I could use for our upcoming house renovation. I managed to buy two picture frames which I thought were interesting, and which I could repaint. Then I saw THE Bernina. I don't know much about Bernina machines, but I know enough to know that they are the best on the market. I currently own a Pfaff sewing machine and overlocker, but if my pockets had been deep enough, I would have gone for a Bernina. That said, I just had to have this one.

I had the guy selling at the shop test it, and it seems to work fine. I also noticed it had recently been serviced, and was up for more servicing in about 9 months time. Not bad!!

It comes with no manual, and only only one presser foot which says "3" on it, which I assumed was the straight stitch foot. However, I checked online, I found out it was the buttonhole foot.


Not to worry! I said to myself, surely its only a matter of buying a straight stitch foot and a zipper foot. I have just looked at the Bernina UK website now, and if I was not already ill, I swear I would fallen ill. The price for a straight stitch presser foot at Bernina is £28. Not funny. Even less funny, is the price of the manual, which is £11 . I have not even bothered to look at the zipper foot. I imagine it will be around the same price as the straight stitch foot. Needless to say I am not as excited as I was when I just bought it.

I still think I had a bargain though, because I paid the princely sum of £39 for this machine. So if I buy a presser foot for £28, it won't be that bad.

Does anyone know anything about this machine? Any advice? I know Karen has a Bernina, which I must admit filled me with so much envy when I saw it( sorry Karen).

I won't even be able to use it anytime soon, and I am still trying to find an excuse to give to Mr. Dibs for its presence in the house. For now though, its securely wrapped in a bin bag, under the table. He won't think to

look at it. And if you are wondering why I am writing about the hiding place on here, rest assured, Mr.Dibs does not read my blog. I used to moan about him not taking an interest in my blog, but today I begin to see the wisdom of him not reading my blog.

Take care everyone, and have a nice evening.

1 Year Ago!!!

Sunday, September 4

Hi everyone,

I know I have been rather scarce these past weeks. I'm back now (well I think I am).

I have been so sick since we returned from Spain. I have not been able to do anything constructive, have been in and out of hospital. My work has suffered as well as I have not done a single full week at work. My husband realised how bad I was hit by the fact that I have not been able to sew anything since we came back. I have not even been tempted to touch my machines. There is no energy!!!!!!

This will of course have devastating consequences on my creative self as I have not been able to make any hats for my millinery interview, which takes place on Thursday. So, Mr.Dibs has counselled me ( more like threatened) not to go for the interview or take the course, as I am still not well, and won't be able to commit to the classes.Very devastating stuff.

How ever, my lack of posting has got to stop sometime. At least I have the energy today to blog about my wedding anniversary.

Today, last year, I walked into a church, and made my union with Mr.Dibs spiritual. We had done the whole marriage thing in January 2010 at the Registry, but only managed to bless it in church on the 4th of September 2010.

Getting ready!!

Since I am not well, we can't go out to celebrate. Mr.Dibs says we should only celebrate the January anniversary. I insist on celebrating both....more presents for me you see. So, the only way I can celebrate my beautiful day, is to look at the pictures, and remember all the emotions I went through on that day, and how happy I was. I also remember at the end of the day, my face was frozen in a permanent smile.

This generated a lot of movement among the guests!!

The day was soooooooo lovely. We had loads of our friends and family come up to Durham from London and other parts of the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Cameroon, and Belgium. I have so many lovely memories from the that day, but I think the one that makes me laugh every time I think of it, is Mr.Dibs and I, along with a couple of our friends going to a nightclub straight from the wedding reception.....and yes, I was still in my wedding dress. Suffice it to say I now pictorially exist in many random households across the UK as many people thought it was cool to walk up to me and take pictures with me, before offering well meaning advice on how to have a successful marriage.

my junior bro by 9 years!!

I thought I should share a few pictures with you guys. The wedding was quite DIY oriented. My friends and I did all the decorations, stationary and the cake decoration. That saved us alot of money. My colours were green, orange and gold.

My mom did a speech in the place of my dad, who happens to be 6 feet under. So that was a bitter sweet moment for me.

My mom!!!
Lost in thought!!

Junior Mr.Dibs was relieved I did not do a runner!!

Mr.Dibs choose the song for the first dance. I had no idea what it was until i was on the dance floor. So I don't know the title, but I know there was a line that went like this " I can see clearly now the rain is gone" or something like that. Does anyone know the title?

Hope you enjoyed the pics. This a just a couple of those that make me smile every time I look at them.

Have a nice week everyone.