1 hour top experiment.

Thursday, May 5

Do you ever buy a pattern because it promised you would finish the item within a fixed number of hours?

I did just that a couple of weeks ago when I was on holiday up in Darlington. Most of the patterns promising amzing results within the hour or two hours are normally meant for knit fabrics and since I do not have an overlocker yet, I never buy them. My machine can sew knit fabrics, and I have actually tried sewing with scraps of jersey ( I think it was),  and it does sew well, but I don't have the confidence yet to actually make a whole dress or top.

I am still psyching my husband for an overlocker, dropping not-so-little hints here and there, sighing with constructed frustration at just the right moments, moaning about how my bday is so far away and I actually feel like receiving a present. Its not working so far, because I still don't have an overlocker, but I know sooner or later, the noise will get to him, and I shall be the proud owner of an overlocker. How soon is soon though, I have no clue. All I know is if I do succeed in making him buy me an overlocker, I shall nominate myself for an Oscar.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. So, I bought New Look 6483, which promised me I would have a brand new top in 1hour. I quickly grabbed the pattern, but upon closer inspection, saw the little print, which said the said 1hour, was "sewing time" only.

Over the weekend, I cut out the top, and kept it in my project basket, waiting for a day when I will be inspired. Yesterday after work, presented the perfect occasion to make this top. I came home from work late (8pm), so I did not really have enough time to sew, but I really felt like sewing. So I took out my cut project, and set my timer.

1 hour later, I had finshed sewing the main parts of the top, but I still had to finish the seams and the hem This took an additional 1 hour. So, New Look, the 1 hour might be okay for an experienced dressmaker, but for someone like me who still has to read instructions in order to make a simple top, 1 hour is abit ambitious dontcha fink?

Good for work

I have never sewn so close to the edge before. I was very happy with myself when I did this binding.

Good for nights out with my jeans too.

 I'm really happy with this pattern. I used a metre I think. I don't know how much fabric I had in the first place because I bought this fabric as part of a £5 bundle of remnant fabrics from one of the shops in goldhawk road last year. There were many types of fabric in that bundle, and I think majority of them were about 1 metre each. So expect to see many more of such tops, with my remanat fabrics.

 The only changes I made to the project, was using bias binding instead of self facing the neckline and the armholes. I decided to go for the bias binding because it saves time, and also because I wanted to incorporate a plain colour. I could have used yellow, but I only had red at home. So red it was.

Next time when making this top, I will try not to make it so plain, using these Boden tops for inspiration.

Ruffles down the front

Serious neck treatment

Sew in beads.
 Its a good thing the Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango is next weekend. That way I can buy more lovely fabric for these easy tops.

Have a nice day



  1. Lovely top and the binding looks fab. x

  2. Firstly, I'm AMAZED you get home at 8 and have the energy to whip up a top! I think it looks great. Secondly, keep up the hints, I spent ages making noises about my old machine and my husband finally got the message!

    Thanks for your lovely comments and thanks also for the award! Very kind of you.

  3. looks really lovely! the binding is a perfect touch! much more effective than the facing.

    Simplicity 2599 will give you exactly that green Boden top (!

  4. Thank you Jane.
    Caroline I'm definitely keeping the hints going. Your machine looks like it can do anything.
    Shivani thanks for the link. I think its literally the same basic pattern as what I have, so I will have to learn how to draft ruffles and use.

  5. It looks great - I love the bias binding! I always find that it takes me longer to make things than the patterns say!

    Definitely keep hinting :) Whenever I visit my parents, I bust out my mum's overlocker. I cannot wait to buy one for myself!

  6. Great top - I am looking at some simple top patterns too. It looks perfect for embellishing!

  7. Lovely ☺☺☺! And I can see why you are so proud of the stitching on the binding.