Look what the postman brought me

Monday, May 9

Imagine coming home to these....

......From the lovely Kate at M is for Make......

.....And seeing these all the way from Collete Patterns.....

.....And seeing a little booklet of sewing instructions.

How would you feel?

I can feel the endorphins being released.

Now what do I make first? Beignet or Macaron? Hmm, decisions decisions.

What fabric do I use? what trimmings? what buttons? oh, my head is bursting....better sleep on this...

any advice?


  1. My only advice is that I found the Beignet ran a little large, so might be worth bearing in mind if you're between sizes. Good luck! Endless variations ahead of you!

  2. No advice I'm afraid but really looking forward to seeing your version of the Macaron! I've had that pattern for AGES and still haven't got round to making it...