Oh Sherlock!!

Saturday, March 2

No, I am not in love with Mr.Holmes. I AM Sherlock.

I know! My thoughts exactly.

I was recently nicknamed "Sherlock" by a friend who accused me of playing detective. I was trying to solve an issue for someone close so during my investigations, I approached my friend for some inside information. Needless to say, he did not give me what was I looking for, despite all my pathetic attempts at emotional blackmail.

I laughed the moniker off, and thought nothing of it, until yesterday.

You know how American bloggers always manage to buy fabric used by designers or shops, and we in the UK never ever manage to replicate that? Oh! what? , you did not think I noticed how you always buy fabric from or some other place,  that is the exact thing adorning some nameless mannequin in Bloomingdale's? Oh trust me, I did, and as is my wont, was consumed with envy (story of my life). That ended yesterday.