Musings on Liberty tana lawn and hard decisions

Thursday, May 31

So the Jubilee is almost upon us. Are you excited? Judging from the royal wedding last year, it will be naive for me to assume that only those resident on this side of the ocean are working themselves into a frenzy. I bet every conversation now starts with " So, anything planned for the jubilee weekend?". I know because not only have I been the recipient of that question, I have also been at the questioning end of said question.

Anyways, like last time, I plan on spending the weekend sewing. To prepare for that, I went to Goldhawk road on Tuesday. I'm sure you all know by now that I love a good bargain. I am so cheap, I think if you look hard enough in the dictionary, you will find my name there as a synonym. 

I went to Goldhawk road with a plan. To buy liberty tana lawn to make the Wiksten tank top, and rummage through 1 or 2 remnant bins. I fell in love with the pattern after seeing Shivani's versions. So true to plan, I bought a metre each in these liberty prints for £10/metre. So £20 in total, for what will give me 2 tops.

Going against the grain...HELP

Tuesday, May 22

I need help folks. Seriously.

A couple of weeks ago I went on the rampage at Walthamstow market, scoring metres upon metres of fabric at dead cheap prices, and lamenting the limitations of the human body. 2 hands only? I asked myself. Who can get by with only two hands when fabric shopping? No seriously, I want you to answer that.

Some of the fabric have already seen the light of day here and here. I also chanced upon some stretch cotton fabric with a border print going for £1/metre, and true to form, ordered 3 metres of each available colourway.

It was only when I went home that I noticed the placement of the print. It was only on one end of the lengthwise grain. 

Vogue 1250 dress

Wednesday, May 16

Continuing with the theme of easy makes this week, is vogue 1250, a DKNY pattern.

I LOVE this dress.

The mission Maxi Dress

Monday, May 14

Ok, so not the most original of blog post title, but I could not think of anything else to call it.

I finally found time today to make something for myself. Knowing that young sir would be interrupting me every so often for his various needs, I looked for something easy to do. I have been looking around the blogosphere for easy and quick projects, and one that kept coming up was the Mission Maxi dress by Jamie Christina.

The pics are a bit hit and miss because Mr.Dibs was about to go for a run when I begged him to take some pictures of me. That did not go down too well with him.

The Blogger Series: Pincushion Treats

Friday, May 11

Hi everyone, I am glad to say that things are starting to fall into place chez Dibs, and I have not murdered Noah yet, so that is a good sign that all those sleepless nights have not driven me mad....for now.

Remember when I mentioned here that I was trying to psyche Mr.Dibs into getting me a DSLR camera after the baby came? Well I succeeded, and I am now the proud owner of a Nikon 3100D. I was torn between a Canon and a Nikon, but I settled for the Nikon because it offered video shooting features, while the Canon did not....well not for the money I was willing to pay. I am so excited about the camera, and I have been playing around with it in my spare moments.