Give away: Pincushions Anyone?

Friday, February 17

Don't you just love my new pincushion? I am in love with it. I can't wait for it to get into my little hands ( I am still to find someone whose hands are smaller than mine).

Sew Retro: The Starlet Suit Jacket

Thursday, February 16

I've gone and done it again.

I've booked myself on another craftsy course. Yes, yes I know, I have not made the Bombshell dress yet, or the Couture Dress. We all know its not my fault right? I know I am quite lazy, but in this matter, I am ABSOLUTELY blameless.

Gertie has this new course:

Couture Sewing Techniques by Claire B.Shaeffer Give away winner

Wednesday, February 15

Well well well, another day, another winner.

I am so glad that I am not the only one who is seriously thinking of improving their sewing skills this year. Without further ado, here is the result of the Couture Sewing Techniques book.

12 in 2012

Tuesday, February 14

I have realised this year is going to be a challenging one for me, and I know my sewing will suffer if I don't have a plan. I joined the Sew Weekly circle, but I now see that I will not be able to follow the weekly challenges. I feel it will restrict me and I will end up sewing things that I do not really want.

Sew Grateful Week: Lobster fabric and Pattern giveaway winners

Monday, February 13

The Sew Grateful Week is officially over now, and its time to do the draw for my giveaways.

So first up, the Lobster fabric:

Is this Horsehair Braid?

Saturday, February 11

I need some help please.

Last year, on one of my many trips into a charity shop near my workplace, I bought this for £1.

Meet my new friend

Friday, February 10

Hi guys, this is a non-sewing related post so you might want to stop reading now if you don't fancy a bit of a downer on this bright and cheerful Friday morning( the weather is actually horrible, but never mind).

I had a long day on Wednesday, 3 appointments with various people at the hospital. A midwife, a physiotherapist, and a consultant.

The midwife was optimistic (yay!!). Everything was okay with the growth, heartbeat and movements of the future co-heir of the Dibs Family millions

A rather pleasant surprise!!

Wednesday, February 8

That is what I got yesterday when I woke up in the morning, reached for my phone,and checked my email.

On Monday, as I lay on the bed, legs stretched out (my customary position these days as I am kinda restricted in the mobility side of things), I came across this give away post by Ginger Makes. Ginger was expressing her gratitude to the sewing community and how lucky she was feeling because she had just won two give aways, one of which was this dress from Pattern Runway.

Sew Grateful Week: Give away - Pattern of your Choice at Sew Direct

Tuesday, February 7

My Sew Grateful Week is well and truly on the roll.

Today, I am Sew Grateful to my mom, who pushed me to learn how to sew. 

When I was younger, I lived with my dad and my step-mom, and only started spending regular holidays with my mom when I was about 11. I went to an all girls boarding school so I had to share my holidays between my mom, my Dad, and my aunts and uncles (I was a popular kid in the family you see). So that meant in a year, I'd only see my mom for about 2 weeks, maximum a month. All that changed when I went to University because she lived in the same town.

Sew Grateful Week: Lobster fabric giveaway

Monday, February 6

Hi folks, today is the start of the Sew Grateful week hosted by Debi.

I have so many things to be grateful for this week..loads actually. What I intend to do, is to name 1 or two things that I am grateful for everyday of this week, and then follow it with Debi's plan. Debi wants us to :

  • Host a giveaway: post by Monday, February 6th
  • Create a tutorials or offer up a pattern: post by Tuesday, February 7th
  • Write a reflection post (on what your 'sew grateful' for): post by Wednesday, February 8th
  • Finish a sewing project: post by Saturday, February 11th

Does it have to be so cold in London?

Sunday, February 5

No, I am not whinging, I am singing. Does anyone remember The Cranberries?

They have this song called " So cold in Ireland" which I loved. In fact I love all their songs, and in various stages of my life, I have bought (again) , all 5 of their albums. They have a new album coming out this month, so naturally I am quite excited. I got introduced to The Cranberries by a friend when I was 17, in Cameroon, and had just gone to university. The album I borrowed from my friend was their second album "No Need To Argue". By the end of my first year at Uni, all my neighbours at the hostel were Cranberries converts. Yes, I played it everyday on the loudest volume. I know that sounds unfair now, but back then i was young, and carefree, and MAD!!!