Another Birthday and a give away

Friday, November 30

So yes. I am not dead yet. Was too scared to kick the bucket. I am well and trully alive, and in a much better place. Thank you to all of you who had me in your thoughts and prayers, and who reached out to me via this blog and email. I am so grateful. I took alot of what you all said on board, and especially enjoyed putting some of them into practice ( eating chocolates anyone), and as a result, I think I have to come up with a new set of measurements for myself as my tops don't button up anymore.

It is also that day of the year. You know, the day that makes you reflect on your life, your purpose on earth and all. I turned 32 today. Nothing major. I got a new present. Two actually and two cheques. The presents are drying up me thinks.

First up, a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud. Yeah yeah, you don't have to gasp so loud. I can hear you from here. Jealous? hehehe. A couple of you suggested I do something like start a new hobby to get me out of my dark maze. So, I decided on graphic and web design as the new thing I want to learn. Actually this might not come as a surprise to some of you who have been reading my blog for some time. I am always playing with the look of my blog, tweaking a code here or there, html here, CSS there. This subscription gives me access to Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver and a host of other software by Adobe. Cool huh?

Sometimes we are each others pillars

Sunday, November 11

Hi all, this post is somewhat personal so if you do not like to read sob stories, I highly suggest you stop reading NOW. You've been warned.

I read this post on Mimi G's blog, and something she said touched me so much. The whole post was so inspiring to read, and the last paragraph read like it was meant for me. The exact line I have been repeating to myself since I read the post is:

 " doesn't matter how you started out it only matters how you finish" - Mimi G

So yes, we are all each other's pillars sometimes.

Lately I have not been posting regularly. Yes I know, you are all aware of that.