I'm coming for you L.K Bennet

Thursday, May 12

For long I have been looking at L.K Bennet clothes and shoes and drooling over their beauty, but clutching my heart with sadness at their prices. Today I went to their website, just to check if by some stroke of luck, they would be having 90% discount sale ( stranger things have happened). But no. They persist in tormenting me. I think they know I am watching. Countless sighs have escaped my lips when I think of their dresses.

My expedition to their website today did not result in any pin number punching activity, but it did introduce me to this:

The Selina Dress

The normal procedure everytime I visit the LK Bennet website usually goes something like this
  • Dibs gets excited by beautiful dresses
  • Dibs checks prices after having fallen in love with dresses
  • Dibs's eyes threaten to fall out of sockets ( trust me this happens all the time, even though i know how expensive they normally are)
  • Dibs quietly logs off
  • Dibs sits in the darkness for 30 minutes, pondering at life's unfairness, and her lack of a bank account  to rival Paris Hilton's.
  • Dibs resolves to play the lottery (again).
  • Dibs goes searching for Dulche de Leche hagen daaz ice cream.
But not this time LK Bennet. Because this time, Dibs found a friend in Burda magazine May 2011. And that friend gave her this

Not quite the same but it will do. The only difference, from what I can see, is that the Burda dress does not have front in-seam pockets like the LK Bennet dress. But thats all right. I don't mind, because for once, I will make something for myself that is similar to an LK Bennet dress, and no, I will not spend £195 to make. Thank you very much.

This takes priority over any project I was going to shop for on saturday at the Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango. Except of course stuff I have to make for Me Made June. Oh, the thought of actually making this dress. I wonder what fabric I would make it in. The LK Bennet version was made with silk shantung. I am not that crazy. Not yet anyways, when I have no experience dealing with such experience fabric. Hmm.....

What do you reckon?


  1. That's great, I love knocking off dresses for much cheaper than they cost!

  2. Aha! So this is the pattern you were talking about. Yeah, you could totally make that.

    Lovely to meet you today! x

  3. T'was lively to meet you too Tilly. Yeah hopefully i don't mess it up.

  4. Wow, this has just made me really excited, isn't it nice to feel connected to people. I saw that LK dress in a magazine today and said to other half - 'that's nice, its very like the burda dress I'm going to make' I plan to do it in Liberty chord, I'm hoping that the lines of the pattern will add interest at the diagonal seams. Good luck with yours.

  5. How about bamboo silk to copy it? Fraction of the price and ecologically stonkin -requires no pesticides and much less water, I already have some samples and it does feel like silk. I also have a bamboo t-shirt which has lasted much longer without fading than similar cotton ones.

    Any ideas how to find or design a pattern to copy this one? Evelyn Dress in Champagne White, in case the link doesn't work.