The Gift that keeps Giving

Tuesday, December 27

Hi folks, how are you all? I trust you have recovered from the excesses of the festive season. I know we are still in the “season”, but surely now that the actual day has come and gone, I think it’s safe to say it’s all over right? This year Mr Dibs dragged me and Junior Messrs’ Dibs (born and unborn) up to his village. Mr Dibs grew up in a lovely little village called Heighington in the North East of England, and he always gets excited when we go up North. The weather in the North of England is usually worse than what we have down South, and it’s been known to snow up there long before we get snow in the South. This year however, there was no snow, which I thought was nice. I do not handle cold weather very well. Last year was really cold, and we had snow even in London and as a result, I spent Christmas week in bed, with a nasty flu. I was hoping for better tidings this year, as there was no snow on the horizon. Alas, I was still to suffer the same ailment as last year. I spent this Christmas week as well under the weather, and I am still trying to recover from the flu. It’s even worse this year because due to a certain bump, I am not allowed to take strong drugs to fight off the flu. I have been religiously drinking a mixture of hot water, lemon, honey, ginger and ground paracetamol. It actually helped, although my illness is dragging on for longer than it would have if I was actually allowed to take stronger medicines.

Crafter's Ceilidh: While I still have control of my life!

Thursday, December 15

Junior Mr.Maxwell is due to make his entrance on the 4th of April, and from what I have heard ( and witnessed) from friends and relatives who have kids, your life is snatched away from you. You become a prisoner to the little munchkin, and you have to have the skills of Angela Merkel to arrange a get away.

So imagine my delight when three lovely ladies from Scotland announced they were having a meet-up on the 21st of January. I will be 30weeks gone by then, VERY heavy, I know, but still possessing enough energy to brave a 5hour train ride to Edinburgh (I hope). It will be too late for me to take a flight at that time, because of  you-know-who, so train it is. Thanks Debi, Kestrel and Kristen for giving me an opportunity to have a bit of excitement before the wee bairn arrives.

My train tickets have already been booked, and all I have left to do is sit tight and wait for January to come. I am so excited. You will also not believe how kind Debi is....then again I'm sure most of you already know that. She's offered to let a couple of us stay over at her house. Can you imagine? Her reason being she can't bear to see us spending money on accommodation, when it could be used to buy more fabric. I think Debi should be appointed the Small Creative Business Tsar of Scotland. Does anyone know which Scottish MP I have to start harassing with this request?

Is anyone else making the trip up North? I know Karen and Melizza have already booked their transportation and accommodation, so that makes three of us already from down south.

Roobeedoo, I am PRAYING fervently that you can make it. It will be so nice to see you.

Blog Redesign

Tuesday, December 13

It is all going abit mental chez Dibs. I have decided I want to redesign my blog. In my wanderings round blogland, I usually see some cool looking blogs, and I always wish my blog could be that cool. The plan, I suspect, is to disguise the fact that my sewing and other crafty attempts are not up to scratch, and I want to dazzle you all into loving my little blog with the beauty off it.

Image source

There are so many changes I want to make to my blog. I want to launch a full scale attack on my header, the sidebar, the footer, the main posts,fonts,colours, the picture quality....the list gets longer the more I research the issue of blog redesign. I should at this point let you all know that I have no clue about web design. I intend to learn everything from various blogs and text books. Thank God for the internet, as everything worth knowing is available for free online...yes, i make no excuses, I am that cheap. I love freebies.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to stumble upon an html code to make snow fall on my blog. If you have not noticed my sweet snow yet, I suggest you go get your eyes checked. Next I decided to play around with my header. Fumbling first through Picasa, then photoshop( downloaded trial version, and miraculously creating the header.

Now I am tackling the sidebar, which does not remotely resemble what I want it to look like. Talk about some coding gone wrong. Unfortunately for you guys, you will be spending the next couple of weeks( months?) looking at the results of my coding errors ( of which I am certain there shall be many).

For the picture quality, I am currently trying to psyche Mr.Dibs into getting me an SLR camera, complete with a tripod and remote ( yes, there's nothing wrong with being overly ambitious). I have failed so far in all attempts. I am hoping my new strategy will work. I told him to get me the camera as a gift when I have his son. It is only fair don't you think? I wanted a baby girl, but since he robbed me off that, and had the gumption to give me a boy instead, I DEMAND reparations. I give him Noah, and he gives me a Canon SLR camera, which I plan on naming Chelsea. Now ain't that fair?

Vogue 1091 Muslin

Monday, December 12

I have finally bitten the dust, and started actually sewing something. I have so many projects in the pipeline, but for some reason I can't seem to find the motivation to get on the sewing machine.

I decided to start with something I deemed easy. Vogue 1091:

This is a test run. I used a medium weight jersey fabric I bought from Walthamstow market for £3.20/metre. Mr. Dibs was being a grumpy person today, so the pictures are not very good. I refuse to believe it is because he has got toothache, and blocked pores in his eyes. I think he is just jealous I have started sewing again, which only means I will start ignoring him when he comes home from work in the evenings.

So I am sorry about the picture quality.

I really do not think this suits me, as I look like a sac of potatoes. I actually look like I am about to go into labour in this picture. Gosh how huge.

I decided to tie a belt to see if I would look a tad better.

What do you think? Belt or no belt? or do I just give up on the dress?

And to demonstrate how vicious Mr.Dibs was tonight, here's a picture of me looking like I was a part of 28 Days Later. Anyone seen that movie?

The dress itself is really easy to sew and very fast too. I used my overlocker. This can be done in under 2 hours if you are inspired. I decided to use a plain jersey fabric I had at home to see how it would look with a contrasting hem. I cut the sleeves with the borders of the fabric to make it interesting. I'm sure you are wondering why I went to all these lengths to make the dress look nice if it was only going to be a muslin right? I don't know really. I suppose not having actually made anything in a long while pushed me to go crazy on a muslin.

So, what do you think? Yay or Nay?

Introducing Bumpina and Noah Maxwell

Tuesday, December 6

Hi Folks, meet Bumpina, she is currently 31 years old. She is also 23 weeks pregnant with Noah.


Its Stuff like this that makes me wonder why I live in The UK

Monday, December 5

I am sorry guys. This is not a sewing related post, but I just had to share this video with you.

I do not understand how a woman would carry an innocent baby on her legs, and then go on to spew such nonsense.

I am not even going to make this video about racism because she talks about Polish people as well. All I can say is that as a hard working immigrant, it pains me to see someone talk like this. The colour of my skin should not  give people the right to assume that I am not deserving to be in this country. It is rather unfortunate that I am going to be here for the rest of my life because of Mr.Dibs. That is a bad thought to have, but I can't help having it. I hate negativity but people like this make it impossible for me to be positive all the time.

I came to the UK 6 years (2005) ago to go to school. My intention was not to remain in the UK. Far from it. I have a wonderful family back home whom I miss dearly. My dad died in 2007 without me seeing him. That is the most painful thing that has ever happened to me, not seeing him before he passed away. I did not choose to run away from my country. I came here to get a good education so I could go home and help advance my country. I do not claim state benefits. I have worked for all 6 years  that I have been here, and I have paid my taxes. I did not come to the UK to sponge off the British people. I paid £11,000 for a 1 year Masters degree. That is more than 3 times the amount a British student pays. I did not complain. I did that because I know the educational system here is amongst the best in the World.

Yes racism exists! Yes I have noticed a marked increase in the number of job interviews I get since my surname changed from an African one to a British one. And yes I have witnessed enthusiastic interviewers (following a phone interview) visibly going into shock when I walk into an interview room and trying unsuccessfully to hide their shock that I was black. That never bothered me because I know as human beings, we gravitate more towards, or have a preference for people who look or sound like us. But this video does. This is a clear example of a mother poisoning the mind of a baby. I can't even imagine what that child will grow up to think if his mother persists in her hatred for all things foreign.

I suppose I am rambling now, but it pains me to know that things like this still exist in the world. Is this the kind of society my baby will grow up in?

Have a nice week everyone.

1 year closer to being a Lady of a certain age!!

Wednesday, November 30

So, people, today I turned 31.

There's nothing spectacular about 31.

 Its not like turning sweet 16, so full of innocence and hope for the future, and finding all sorts of ways to combine your name and that of your crush...In my case I was locked up in an all girls boarding school, so there was no boy to make doe eyes at....I did have a mega crush on my Head teacher's son, but as I recently found out, Mr.Dibs DOES read my blog, so I shall not give the juicy details of that crush here....ahem...I intend to stay married forever.

Its not like turning 20, when you consider 19 too young ( teenagers anyone?), and you feel ready to conquer the world with your this point I was reading law at uni and skipping class all the time to go to pubs with my boyfriend......said boyfriend was my highschool crush from above paragraph, but I promised......shhh, Mr.Dibs might be reading this on his commute from work as soon as I post it.

Its not like being 25, too old to make the same mistakes from your younger years without thinking SERIOUSLY, this time, of the impending consequences. In my case I decided to quit my job as an Account Manager in a leading advertising agency to come to the UK to do my Masters so I can return and earn even more money. 6 years on, I'm still here. The consequences of that decision? A Masters degree in IT and Management, a job in Marketing, a husband ( poor soul) and seriously knocked up.

And its not like the big 30, which I turned last year, but was too sick with a cold to go into town and be a bad girl. Its just another year added , which takes you ever so closely to being a Lady of a Certain age.

Today, my 31st birthday, though relatively insignificant, was destined, by events beyond my control, to be the one I will most likely think of every time my birthday comes around. Today, my dear friend, whose baby shower I attended a couple of weeks ago, had a cute baby girl. I have not seen Miya yet, but I love her already. She is going to be a very special little lady in my heart and life because not only is her mother one of my closest friends, but Miya is also my birthday partner, and everytime I look at her, I will remember my 31st birthday. Yes, the insignificant 31st birthday has become the one which will be remembered, pour toujours!!

Baby news aside, what else made today special for me were the gifts i received. Oh the gifts. I'm still giddy with joy.

First up, Mr.Dibs got me these.....

A supa dupa fly manicure and pedicure set because.......

.......for the first time in my life I have nails......

When I was younger, I developed the bad habit of biting my fingernails. A habit I have tried to stop unsuccessfully, until now. This is due in part to my pregnancy hormones which have made my nails hard as nails, and increased its growth speed. I tried to bite them once, and almost lost my front not cool..... So Monsieur Dibs got me this set to congratulate me, as well as to encourage me to keep beautiful nails.

Dremel Versatip, which will be useful for jewellery making as it is a butane gas.....

So many possibilities with this little monster......

Glue for.........

Dremel glue gun.....all to add to my already owned.......

Dremel engraver..........

Can you notice the dremel hobby obsession thing going on here? Now all that is missing for me is the hobby table.....Christmas stocking anyone?

Then money from his parents got me this

Xyron Design runner.....I am so looking forward to ribbon priniting....

These two are wending their way to me right now. Mr. Post man is being a naughty boy....

Xyron creative station

Xyron sticker maker

I got myself these just because......

Then I got surprised at work with this

A sewing box...yay!!

and some chocolate cake......yummy!!!

So a good day for me. I have not done any household chores today because its MY BIRTHDAY, and I can do what I want today. Birthdays are so cool right? imagine being treated this way everyday of the year....oh well maybe not....but we should have more days when everyone dots on you. One of my friends celebrates her birthday month....a whole month, can you imagine. I'm talking to you Vicks, I know you are reading this right now!!

And I leave you , with this song by Neil Hannon called "Lady of a Certain Age".

Blogger Meet-up and the day I grew up.....

Saturday, November 19

Ok so I'm already old, and my wisdom teeth are threatening to fall off any time soon, but today , I realised I had become a grown up....fabric wise.

As I announced yesterday, I was on a very serious mission today. Meeting up with fellow sewing bloggers is always a big thing with me, as I get to meet other people who help me justify my fabric addiction. Afro wig in place, I met up with Stevie and the gang at the Goldhawk Road Station. "The Gang" included people I had met before like Santie and Claire , and people like Alana, Nikki and Steph who I was meeting for the first time, though it seemed like we'd known each other before, because we all felt really comfortable with each other ( at least I did).

L-R: Santie, Alana, Nikki, Steph, Stevie and Claire.

Goofing around with the Maxwell bump!!
 I was quite impressed when we entered the first shop and Santie whipped out her shopping list.
This is how to concentrate ladies!!
 We went through the shops on one side of the street, and decided to have some lunch because at this point, I was almost passing out from hunger. A big thank you to Claire, who had the foresight, as always, to sensibly come along with some emergency chocolate bars. I very much doubt I would have been able to last till Vesbar for lunch, had Claire not taken pity on me and offered me one bar of Wispa.

Hungry women pondering the menu

Cocktails galore!!!

After eating and catching up, we decided to hit the other side of Goldhawk Road. I must at this juncture point out the fact that many more purchases were made post lunch. I think those concerned will agree with me that those little cocktails did help to make their fingers more nimble, which led to notes being withdrawn from wallets without hesitation, and four digit codes being punched into payment devices with such agility and swiftness that even Usain Bolt would have struggled to keep up.

Since I am presently handicapped on the alcohol front, I was more careful. This, I can assure you, had nothing to do with the fact that its the end of the month and I am most spectacularly broke. I want to assume I have become so wise in my fabric buying ways that I can now resist the lure of cheap fabric. Did I mention I was broke?

So I got 2metres this purple viscose jersey to make my vogue dress.....

at a good price .......I paid £9 for two metres.

and 2metres of this glazed cotton fabric for £3.50/metre. This fabric was such a big hit, with the girls, and I think about 4 of us bought this. 

I also bought 2 bundles of 100g acrylic yarn (£2.50 each) to make two snoods. I just loved the colours.

After leaving the girls, I went to John Lewis at Oxford street to find some clear elastic to use on my Vogue dress. Unfortunately, having dragged my now very tired body to Oxford street, I discovered John Lewis did not have clear elastic. I now have no other option but to order it online...yikes. I really wanted to make the dress tomorrow but as it is, I will have to wait until the post man brings me some clear elastic.

Shoulders slumped, I made my way back home. Normally, when I get home and Mr.Dibs is already there, I like to ring the bell for him to open the door for me. I have my own set of keys, but why use them when its so much more satisfying knowing that he will stop whatever it was he was doing, to open the door for me? ( hihihihihihi). Today however, because I had some fabric to hide, I quietly opened the door, sneaked into our bedroom, and shoved my bags under the bed....fear not folks, he readeth not my blog.......then I went to the living room, making sure to limp my way to the couch as soon as I knew I was within eyesight of Mr. and junior Dibs, put my legs up, and wait for dinner. The power of the bump folks, the power of the bump.

Have a good night everyone....

Guess who's going fabric shopping tomorrow....

Friday, November 18

Yeah folks. Me!!

Stevie over at Beebee's Vintage Dress is coming into town tomorrow, and she's organising a fabric excursion to Goldhawk road. Goldhawk road is only 20minutes from my house so I shall be pushing the bump all the way there at 11am.  For anyone who has suddenly decided they want to make it, we are meeting outside Goldhawk Road station at 11am, and attacking the shops from 11:30am.

I seem to spend my time buying fabric these days, and not actually sewing anything. Hopefully that will soon change. It is becoming quite obvious that I need more clothes. I wore a rather sorry looking combination to work yesterday, and  that prompted the ever silent Mr.Dibs ( silent in all matters concerning dressing), to ask me what the frack I was wearing. Today I tried my best to wear something less frumpy, and got silence from Mr.Dibs. So he either did not notice what I was wearing, or it passed muster.

The dress I'm wearing is a size 10 dress, and there's a very good reason why I am standing sideways. It looked obvious from the front that the dress was made for a smaller person. So yes, I really do need to go fabric shopping tomorrow.

I cut my hair as well. I did that when I was going through the first 4 months of being sick, and looking after my  hair was the last thing on my mind. Now that its getting pretty cold here in London, I'm starting to regret that moment of madness. Tomorrow I intend to step out in a wig. Give the excursion some 70's vibe. Oh yes!

Enjoy your weekend folks!!

So whats growing within?

Wednesday, November 16

Yesterday Mr. Dibs and I went to the hospital for my anomaly scan. I was pretty scared and excited at the same time. Excited because I was going to find out the baby's gender, and scared because I knew the sonographer was going to be checking for all sorts of anomalies with the baby, and no prospective mother wants to know that the little munchkin inside of her is not developing properly. Oh no....., I have not been eating all that broccoli for the love of vegetable!!!

As you might know, I have been announcing to all who would listen to me that I am carrying a girl. Yes! mothers can tell you know. Mr.Dibs on the other hand, has been most certain its a boy, based on his very unscientific theory that mothers are always wrong.

Anyways, to cut to the matter at hand, while the sonographer was going through the necessary checks, I noticed two dark spots, and quickly asked, in a mega excited voice

" Are those the ovaries?"

to which the sonographer replied, after laughing for a good minute

"No. Those are not the ovaries."

3 minutes later, I noticed a stick like something protruding from between the newly identified legs. I closed my eyes, willing THAT THING away. Oh, I thought to myself, I hope THAT THING is not what I think it is.

THAT THING was not meant to stay a mystery for too long, as I heard the sonograher say with a chuckle

" You see that thing between, the baby's legs? That, is a penis. Its a boy"

I can still hear the sound of Mr.Dibs laughing at the shock on my face when I heard those words, and when I realised I had been wrong all along.  After the initial shock, I am now as excited as ever about our little Maxwell. I spent the whole evening looking for ideas on what to make for a baby boy, and I am so happy I found loads.

Here, dear friends, is our little Maxwell

Rubbing his eyes!!

Giving a thumps up!!

Conquering the snood.

Sunday, November 13

I finally finished it!!

Nope, not a book, nor a maternity dress.....


Karen's snood has inspired many a sewers to try their hand at knitting.....yours truly included. Earlier this year I tried my hand at knitting, failed miserably, and settled into crochet. My efforts there were more successful (only just), as I managed to make this and this.

So after seeing this lovely pink number from Pincushion Treats, I decided to go out and buy some yarn. Yarn in the bag, I still did not start knitting. It took seeing Jane's version to get me knitting the first 5 rows. Then I promptly cast it aside. The final kick came when i saw Marie's version. At this point I was salivating really badly at all the lovely snoods slowly creeping up around my fave blogs. So I decided enough was enough, and decided to go for it.

Ignore the fingernails please!!

I used turquoise Sirdar Big Softie, following Karen's lead, and boy do I love it. Following the pattern from the Guardian's website, I bought 200g and used size 12mm needles. I ended up using only 100g of the yarn, much to my annoyance. That soon turned into a positive thing though, because I decided to try my hand at knitting a hat as well. I used this free pattern from the Guardian.

I am really happy with the outcome of my knitting efforts. I now know how to do this (not very well yet mind you):
  • Cast on
  • Knit stitch
  • Purl stitch
  • Stocking stitich
  • Ribbing
  • Knit two together (K2tog)
  • Purl two together (P2tog)
  • Mattress Stitch
  • Slip, slip, knit (Ssk)
  • Cast off
Not bad aye?

Needless to say, I can't stop smiling.....

Can you notice my "Baby on Board badge?"
I wonder what I will knit next.

Mr.Dibs mentioned in passing he needed a new scarf. I just might go yarn shopping this week. Gosh!! This could get so addictive. Does anyone know of any nice yarn I could use to knit him a scarf. Left to my own devices, I'm positive he will be spotting a very angry yellow scarf all winter.

Enjoy your week everyone!!

Work in Progress......Simplicity 7558

Monday, November 7

Ok, so let it never be said I do not listen to advice!!!

During one of my pathetic moaning spells about the lack of nice maternity patterns,Debi Marie and Scruffy suggested I try out vintage patterns. Marie even did a search for me on Etsy for maternity dresses. Talk about dedication to vintage wear. I did find one pattern I liked.......Simplicity 7558

I searched the internet for any completed version to see what it would look like. I only saw one version of it, made by Julie of Julie's Blog. I fell in love COMPLETELY with her rendition of it, and would have gone for the same fabric choice as her, but I have already spent all of my meagre monthly fabric money, so that Houndstooth version will have to wait till November.

I have this thick knit fabric I am going to use. I don't know how it will come out, but the pattern did say you could also use bonded knits. I have no idea what that means, but I am going to experiment with this fabric. I got it cheap anyway, for £1/metre. I have 3 metres of it this, and if I mess up, I will go back to where I got it from. It is somewhere near Tottenham Hale tube station.Its the fabric outlet for a knit fabric manufacturer, and the most expensive fabric there is £2/metre.

This is their address.

Cannon Street Jersey Fabrics Ltd

Knitted Fabric Manufacturers, Finishers And Printers
TEL: 020 8885 9401   FAX: 020 8885 9410

There is A LOT to be bought there. Some of it is quite comical, but you will DEFINITELY find something you want, like good interlock knit for £1/metre. Word of warning though, they do not take cards, so go there with cash, and make sure you take a trolley with you. Trust me!!!. 


Sewing for tiny people and the snood bug.

Sunday, November 6

I am so happy!!. I finally made something after many months of inactivity. Granted its nothing fancy, but it was for a good cause, and it gave me a slow reintroduction to my machine.

Yesterday we made a surprise baby shower for one of my friends and I thought instead of buying a present, I should use the opportunity to make one. Giving her something made by me, which would be unique, and also helping me practice sewing for babies.  

So, I bought some plain white onesies from John Lewis and decided to appliqué them with some leftover fabric I had at home, and also made matching burb cloths and bibs. The pictures are not very good, I know, so do forgive the bad quality. I forgot to take pictures of them when I finished, so these are pics from the baby shower. I decided to include a washing line as part of the baby shower decorations, and the sets were a huge hit with the guests.

These are the first baby related things I have ever made, and sewing them was really easy. I am looking forward to making loads of appliquéd onesies for the wee one when she comes. I had never done an applique before, and I must say it can get quite addictive.

Another friend recently gave birth to a baby girl. Did anyone say more onesies? Oh well, I have to make sets for her little girl too, because she really loved the ones I made for the baby shower, and wants some. So, more sewing for tiny people.

I've also discovered the world of Fat Quarters!!. Why did no one ever tell me about them? When I was trying to decide what fabric to use for the babyshower project, I went online looking for ideas, and saw so many beautiful prints. In true Dibs style, I quickly ordered some fat quarters from Saints and Pinners. I am still to decide what to do with them, but its quite exciting knowing that you don't have to use alot of fabric to make cute little things for babies.

In other news, I'm currently knitting a snood. yes!! I said it!!. Karen's snood bug has caught me, and I am working on a turquoise snood. Now, I mentioned before that I find knitting hard, and crochet easier. I still do, but I am determined not to let the little matter of me not knowing how to knit prevent me from rocking a snood this winter. Especially as I am currently recovering from a nasty cold. I reckon if I had made this snood earlier, I would not have fallen victim to this cold. But  not to worry. Knit a snood, I shall. I have no clue when I will finish it, bit I know it will definitely be sometime before pressure here.

Have a lovely week everyone!!

So Ironic it hurts

Saturday, November 5

A young woman, not really interested in fashion.
She falls pregnant, and watches her waistline go
and all of a sudden........she develops an interest in fashion and an addiction to
But there's scant fashionable stuff out there for the burgeoning belly.

Now isn't this ironic? Don't you think.

Dressing the Bump!!

Monday, October 31

Thank you ladies, for all the congratulatory messages. I was so touched by how happy you all were by my little baby news. Now, about the baby, we don't know what we are having yet. I am convinced it's a girl. Mr. Dibs on the other hand is convinced its a boy because of my absolute conviction that there is a little mini-me growing inside me. His theory being tha mothers always get the gender wrong. I asked him to bet £20 on that, and got a big NO in return.....the little coward!!!

I don't mind the gender of the baby to be honest. All I am praying for is a healthy baby, so I shall be grateful for either boy or girl. That said, I am still 100% convinced its a girl. I don't know why I'm so certain of this. One possibility could be the fact that I have been dreaming of sewing little pillow case dresses for a baby girl. I don't think a mini Mr.Dibs will be amused by mummy's pillow case dresses. I've also realised there are many more patterns out there for little girls compared to boys.

While we are on the subject of patterns........when I found out I was preggers, one of the things I started doing was looking for nice maternity patterns. I've been looking for too long now I think. Unfortunately though, I can't seem to find any pattern that will make me go "WOW". There's alot of stuff on the blogoshphere for diy maternity wear but most often they are for casual wear, whch is perfect if you have the luxury of staying at home. I don't stop working till February, so I have to find patterns that will tide me professionally till I can relax for a whole week in my yoga pants.

I've put aside a few patterns which I like, and which I think will do me some good. First up, Vogue 1179. Seeing Eugenia and Karen raving about this pattern made me cave in. I ordered it this morning, so it should be here soon.

And a few others


Vogue 8489.....

Vogue 8575...

Butterick 5523

You will have noticed there are no skirts or trousers. I can't seem to decide on what to do about those, so for now I shall start off with these. The idea is to make things I can also wear after I have the baby. All of these patterns require knit fabric so hopefully they shall stretch as the bump grows, and since they are not really maternity patterns, I can always use them later.

I went to Walthamstow market on saturday to source knit fabric, and I did come out with a few good bargains, which I shall blog about in another post. Walthamstow market is definitely the way forward for me galore I tell you. Imagine buying knit fabric for £1.50/metre. oh yes!! thats my cup of tea. more on that expedition later. Its bed time..................