1 week with Rose

Sunday, August 26

What a week I have had.

I spent last week soaking up knowledge from the millinery legend that is Rose Cory, and I am so hungry for more, I have signed up for another week in November. Yay!!

I am not going to bore you with too many details in this post, so I will just show you a couple of the things I worked on, and then do 2 different posts, showing the process from start to finish, and also how to make a silk velvet rose.

This week saw me learning how to block hats using a wooden hat block, sewing the blocked pieces together, wiring the edges of the hat, and then finally trimming the hat. I made a rose from silk velvet, and that was so interesting. We used a velvet board, which I had never seen before, to preserve the pile of the fabric. Rose said in the absence of a velvet board, a thick towel can be used. I will talk more about that in another post.

It is all I seem to do these days....

Monday, August 20

Hanging out with people that is.

I reluctantly dragged myself back to London from Belgium on Friday night,and then promptly hopped on the train again first thing Saturday morning to meet Mela at St.Pancras station. Destination? Leicester people. Ah Leicester, home to Marie and Kat, and random people who insert themselves in your pictures uninvited ( I have proof of that).

Mela and I went down to spend the day with Marie and Kat on Saturday, and what a fun day it was. The food was AMAZING!!!. I quickly set aside my dieting plans for the day. Can I at this point remind you that I am eating for two?  There is the possibility I might not be getting another invite soon from Marie, so I made sure I memorized the route to her abode. I know I shall visit that house again. Invited or not. The food was that good.