Could that be sunshine I spy over the horizon

Sunday, April 28

Why yes it is!

Its summer time here in the UK....well see, I have been living in the UK now for 8 years, and I have come to the all too obvious conclusion that the sun and the UK had an affair ages ago ( long before any of you were born so don't think about it), and can't stand each other now. You know that state right? when you fell in love, and loved really hard, then woke up one day and asked yourself what you ever saw in that person? Yep! that is what the sun is thinking right now, hence why it can't bear to be seen round these parts. It comes around sometimes, mind you, but just not always, not like its other loves, like San francisco ( Mela I'm still hating), my home country of Cameroon, and of course, Spain, with its beautiful islands, that act as refuge for fed up Brits who want abit of a tan in December.

So, I guess the long and short of it is, I made a prance about while the Sun was passing by, on its way to new loves. I used the mission maxi pattern. I have made this before, here and here, and I think this is the one I love most.

One Meet-up to rule them all!

Sunday, April 21

What a day I had yesterday. Rachel was hosting Lizzy ( all the way from Australia people), and Rachel being the sweet person she is, decided to make an event of it. What better way to show hospitality than to get more than 40 women together who all share the same passion?

The day started at the V&A museum  which unfortunately I could not attend as I had other pressing things to do at home ( real life always finds a way to spoil my best laid plans). I am sure as the days go by, you will see various accounts of what that part of the day was. I heard it was epic. Rachel even had a professional photographer there. How awesome can Rachel get? Word is there will be pictures available soon, so watch her blog for those.

I met the girls in Goldhawk road, as it is only a 20 minutes train journey from my house, and they were already injecting some much needed cash into the British economy.
Claire, Catherine, Roisin and Janene

Paris and a Milestone

Saturday, April 13

Yes Paris!

I went to Paris for the first time last month, and I was absolutely enchanted. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the city, but you can google it, and I can assure you, millions of pictures will pop up.

I went for my alumni reunion, and decided to hang out with some cool peeps, just because I'm cool like know?. I went on a Friday, but met up with Veronica and Sandra on Sunday, for what turned out to be an amazing day ( thanks girls).

So, on Sunday, I was picked up from my hotel by Veronica, who treated me to some French crepe, and believe me, I have never tasted crepes so good. Why don't we make them like this in London? We met up with Sandra later, and then drove to a fabric market in another town called Sarcelles. Again, I do not have pictures of our time here because Sandra and Veronica were quite vocal about not wanting me to take my camera into the market. Thieves you know! So if you need someone to blame for any lack of pictorial evidence, you know where to look.