What lies underneath!!!!

Thursday, July 21

Yesterday, or was it Tuesday? I decided to check on Roobeedoo, whose blog I go to when I want to laugh (she's very funny you see and has a very interesting and matter-of-fact way of saying things), and what do you know? she was making undies. If you are thinking of making your own undies, you should check out this post. She gives the low down on lingerie elastic.

Her post reminded me of the Jalie 2568 pattern I had in my stash, along with 4 metres of wide stretch lace I had lurking around somewhere. So, as I always do when I set my mind on something, I quickly went online to order more lace, and other bits and bobs for lingerie making.

Women's Underwear Pattern Cover

Yesterday, I could not wait to run home after work to make my first pair of knickers. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make, and it took no time at all. I decided to make View C, the Brazillian Hipster. Firstly because I like the shape, and secondly because of the name. My friend Rachel, is from Brazil, and this reminds me of her. This particular one only has 2 pattern pieces. The main body, and the gusset. So I traced it, using some swedish tracing paper I bought a couple of months ago. I think I have to do a seperate post on swedish tracing paper. It is just divine. It eliminates the need for muslins in my opinion because you can sew it too. You can get a 10metre roll  here, for £9.99, including posting and VAT.

Now on to the matter at hand. This was the first one I made, and I love it!!

I decided to use my personal labels on this.
I was so happy with the first one, I made 2 more.

And this morning, guess what the post brought me? Yeah, more lace !!!!! Can't wait to go home today from work to make more undies. This time I will have some leftovers, which I hope to convert into bralettes. Imagine making your own lingerie set. oohh, the joys of sewing!!. A lace set from somewhere like La Senza, will set you back a good amount. I bought these from ebay, from Lindy Laces. She has really good prices, and a good selection of laces. Delivery was very prompt, as the goods arrived 1 day after purchase. How efficient is that?

And some lycra for the bathing suits I want to make for the spain trip. Can you tell someone is going gaga with colours?

spot my toes!!!!

I also bought 1 metre of cotton jersey to use for undies. It arrived today along with the rest, and it is so soft. oh la la!!! I can't wait to make something out of it.

Has anyone been making lingerie as well?

I had never used Jalie patterns before, and I must say this has made me a convert. Just as well, because I also bought a pattern for swimwear, which I shall be tackling soon, for my self-stitched holidays.

hasta luego



  1. Great blog title and fabulous knickers. I've never been tempted by sewing underwear - I'm happy to hand over a fiver to M&S to take care of that for me, but yours are very pretty and inspiring. You are sewing up a STORM! Are you still pleased with your overlocker?

  2. Dibs, this is so sexy.. Totally Brazilian style ! I am sure you coul sell them because they look better them the ones in the shop. Great job... we need to catch up !

  3. These are lovely Dibs, very impressive! Do you sew them on the overlocker then? Thanks for sharing all your tips!

  4. Karen, my overlocker would have to do something major to make me stop loving it. I still love M&S knickers though. so comfy.

    Marie I did not actually use my overlocker to make them. I did not have the right thread, and I just could not be bothered with having to change thread all the time. I did change thread on my sewing machine though, which was a pain, but less of a pain if it had been on the overlocker. I used a zig-zag stitch.

    Rach we do need to catch up.still chuffed i missed your lunch with Mela

  5. You make my head whirl! I love how you just decide to do something, order the materials, come home from work, make them (brilliantly), photograph them and blog about them!!! I clearly procrastinate waaay too much. You're brilliant.

  6. Caroline I sometimes wish I could put projects off for some time. I would definitely save more money if I planned a project in advance. Then again, for me, it takes away the excitement of just doing something impromptu

  7. When I grow up I want to be like Dibs! I wish I had your dedication. I love how you power through and make things from start to finish, no hesitation.

    Those undies are ADORABLE!

  8. Oh my goodness! Your knickers are much more grown-up than my knickers! ;)
    I am seriously impressed! You don't do things by halves do you?!

  9. lol, Mela you can do it too. so I challenge you to sew undies, put down the napkins I am sure you are working on now, and sew some undies.

    Roo, thanks. lol, i think you can get FOE from etsy for a better price, and of course the colours are mind blowing. and most of them are 15cm wide.

  10. Holy moly, those look fabulous! I've only tried making undies once and didn't have much luck. I should try again. Love the swimsuit fabrics, too!

  11. I haven't made a napkin in ages, promise! I might have to tempt you to come over and help me on a retro pattern I'm working on. I will bake you some muy delicioso! After your holiday of course :)

  12. ahh, Mela, thou knowest how to tempt me. Sure 'nuff. will be there like lightening. so long as you make me something sweet!!

  13. Deal! I'll shoot you an email later.

  14. Psiu.. Mela dont forget me ! You both can come down to Rochester for some serious good baking and sewing ! xx