Burda August 2011 Picks

Tuesday, July 19

Its that time of the month again when I go searching for what Mama Burda will be trhowing our way at the end of the month.

August sees Burda attempting to lure the vintage lovers, with a nod to styles from the past like this dress with the interesting collar detail. A definite do for me.

I also love the neckline of this dress:

This fitted dress is so pretty, but hellas, not for me. I wish I could find a way to draft a simple dress like this sheath. I probably could, but I am too lazy.

I also like the frilly look of this blouse

and this skirt

and this dress, though I won't be making it. I love the plunging neckline. quite va va voom....sorry Mr.Dibs, no chance of you seeing me in this!!!! Though I could use the bodice and a skirt from another pattern. That will be pondered while on the beach ( feel free to feel jealous of the image of me chillaxing on the beach and dreaming of potential dress combinations)!!

and the special pattern of this issue is this chiffon number, for which I have managed to convince myself I have just the perfect fabric for.

I love the fact that Burda has reintroduced the special patterns feature in every issue. They had stopped it one point. The past issues I got from the Belgian flea market all have special patterns in them. So its good to see Burda trying to impress us.

 There is a Spanish pattern magazine called Patrones, and they feature designer patterns as their special patterns. I have never found them in the UK to buy, but Melissa of Fehr Trade has alot of information on how to order them from various sources I think. She sew alot with pattern magazines, and has done a good review of the various ones she uses here.I am going to be on the look out for them while in Spain. Is anyone interested in this magazine? If you are, just drop a line. I'll try to get extra copies while I am there.

Do not forget to enter the Pattern Magic 1 & 2 giveaway if you are interested in those books.


  1. Love all the dresses and the frilly blouse! I got a Burda subscription for my birthday and now I'm definitely hoping August is the first issue I recieve! Also, I'm starting to work on my first pattern from the one you sent me tonight. Scared about the tracing!

  2. hahaha. The tracing is not that bad, though it puts me off most of the time. Oh its such a good thing you got a Burda subscription for your bday. thats ace!!

  3. Oh I love the va va voom but you're right, that neckline is outrageous! Some lovely inspiring patterns though, thanks!

  4. Ooooh, I love that first dress!

  5. The August issue is definitely one I'm going to get! I love the frilly blouse and dress....actually I love the whole issue. Burda hasn't wowed me like this in a long time.

  6. hehehehe. Shawnta don't get too excited. I did not really like some of the other stuff, but then again, having these for the price of the whole magazine is just grea. absolute bargain i think.

  7. Oh, you'll love that Patrones - I just traced my first pattern (shorts) out of it yesterday, and it took 5 minutes, then I went to trace similar shorts from Burda, and I am pretty sure it took twice as long to find the pieces in that mess of patterns!

  8. Gaaaaaaaaah, why can't I find the August Burda anywhere? I stalk out of every newsagent looking like the crone from Disney's Snow White.
    Can't WAIT to see what you make from this one :)