Ribbon and flowers ballet pump tutorial

Sunday, July 24

Hi everyone. The sun is out in full force today in London, and I am sooooo very happy. I decided to offer a little tutorial in celebration of this rare occurrence of sunshine.

On Friday during my lunch break, my colleagues and I went into Uxbridge city center to look around for things we might like to buy when we get paid ( pockets are quite bare presently). While they briskly marched into Debenhams and Clarks, I made my way into Oxfam (that's my level you see).

I came out with a brand new pair of blue French Connection pumps, which I bought for £6.99. I really loved the colour, but felt it was too plain. So I decided to do something about that. So I refashioned it into this......


You will need:

1) A pair of pumps, new or old
2) A leather hole puncher
3) Ribbon
4) Fabric flowers ( I used suede flowers. This is optional)
5) Super glue

1) Starting from the back seam, measure and mark 1" on both sides of the seam. Then increase the spaces by
     2" until you get to the front. The front will have two marks.

2) Using the leather hole puncher, create holes in the pumps by punching through the leather.

3) Starting from one of the holes from the front, pass the ribbon through the holes. Each side will have two lines of ribbon.

4) To prevent the ribbon at the back seam from showing when wearing the shoes, use supper glue to glue it to the inside of the shoes. Use just a tiny amount of glue.

5) You should now have the ribbon round the shoes like this. Trim the excess ribbon.

6) Make a bow with the loose ends of the ribbon. You might decide to stop here, and wear the shoes like this. If you decide to use flowers like I did, go on to the next step.

7) Using super glue, glue the flower to the shoes. Placing it carefully on top of your bow, so that the ends of the ribbon show as well.

And that is it!!

Have a nice Sunday everyone, and do not forget to enter the Pattern Magic 1 & 2 giveaway, which ends on July 31st.
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  1. Dibs, you are my inspiration ! I just love it so much !

  2. Thanks Amy.

    Aww Rach thats sweet of you.

  3. So cute! You have a great eye for spotting things that can be 'pimped', like these shoes and the red skirt/dress. I am very envious of this knack you have! Also, I love the suede flowers...where are they from? Or did you make these too?

  4. you no go kill person with jealousy. I love

  5. thanks Kat. I bought the flowers from Lulu Guinness. I did not make them. I still have some if you want. If you do, send me you email add, and I will email you a pic of the colours I have, and you can chose a pair.

    Eyong, you no fit

  6. How cute...what a great idea!!

  7. Hi Dibs, thank you so much for your generous offer! My email address is kraftykatblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

  8. What a fabulous idea! I love this so much!!

  9. here is the site I told you about the hats...