Lady in Red

Monday, July 18

I posted earlier about going for my friend's wedding, and deciding to use my red Lulu guinness Lips clutch, with the red head piece I made a couple of weeks ago. I had hoped to make a dress in a different colour, and match it with the same coloured shoes, so all the while in Belgium, I was on the look out for some interesting fabric, and possibly shoes. Unfortunately, I came back with a pair of black shoes bought for me by my cousin, and no dress or fabric in a good enough colour.

As you all know, I came back on Tuesday, and I have not really had time to make any dress, or go shoppping for a new dress. So I had to go through my wardrobe, to try and knock up an outfit. Earlier this year, I had gone to Christchurch to visit my friend, for a crafty weekend. We went thrifting, and I came home with alot of things, one of which was a size 18 red pleated skirt, bought for £5. I decided to wear it with a black bustier I had, with the black shoes my cousin bought for me in Belgium.

On my way from work on friday, I stopped by Oxfam, just to see if they had any sewing related stuff, and found a lovely pair of red shoes, which I quickly grabbed, for £6. This completely changed my outfit in my head, as I decided to wear the red shoes instead of the black one. I also decided to use only the red skirt, and wear it as a dress.

singing while cooking and getting ready to refashion my skirt.

one more "BEFORE" picture and looking like a village idiot!!

Changes I made to the skirt:

1)I Measured my chest, just above my bust.
2) I cut elastic using measurement of chest, plus 1cm extra for seam allowance.
3)Next I opened up the waistband of the skirt and took out the weakend elastic.
4)I replaced the old elastic with the new one. My friend does not have a sewing machine, so I had to do this by hand sewing.
5) Then I used some of the trim I bought at the flea market in Antwerpen on the waistband, then used the rest as a belt.

In Church with Mr.Dibs

My Marilyn moment!!

Full view!!

 So there! 
 I forgot to take a picture with my Lips clutch, but trust me, it was there.
I am currently working on my holiday wardrobe, as we go away next friday. I am soooooooooo excited. Can't wait. I am hoping I will be able to crack trouser making by next week, so I can at least make a pair of shorts. Either that, or I won't be spotted in shorts during the spain sojourn. We don't want that now do we?

I am also very happy with the amazing response to the Pattern Magic giveaway. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, its been really funny reading all your drafting disasters. Its comforting to know that I am not the only one having issues with simple paper and For a chance to enter this giveaway, please check out this post. The giveaway is open till the 31st of July.

Take care everyone



  1. Wow Dibs, what a fab refashion! I love your wedding outfit and in case I haven't already said...your hair rocks ;o)

  2. What an amazing transformation! Well done!

  3. Thats so cool, what a great dress from not-such-a-great dress! I'm so impressed!

  4. Dibs,you never fail to amaze me. What an amazing change! I love it. So darn cute!

    Rock the 'fro, girl. I'm all about curl power :)

  5. thanks for the lovely comments. I think mr. Dibs fell in love with all over this weekend. so impressed was he that I managed not to spend loads to look good. lol

  6. Dibs, girl, you had me scare for a minute. You turned a fashion DON'T into a fashion DO. You are a miracle worker. Great job.


  7. Thanks Shakira, I must admit I am not very knowledgeable about fashion. could you tell me what the fashion don't was? lol....I need to boast to my husband.

  8. Never a dull moment, Chez Dibs. That is one awesome transformation!

  9. Wow what a fantastic dress! I cant believe the transformation. The trim is gorgeous too. I love it all, you are so clever :)

  10. Wow!! Your dress is gorgeous! What a genius idea to transform it.

  11. Love, love, love the dress! You look fab-u-lous!

  12. Brilliant! You'd never guess it used to be a skirt - very glamourous.

  13. It looks great and you look awesome in red!

  14. What an awesome refashion! So suitable for the occassion. You looked fabulous. Shame we didn't get to see that bag as well :)

  15. The transformed dress looks amazing Dibs, you're so clever! The trim really makes it special. x

  16. Me likey, me likey, me likey. Just bought a cheap sewing machine BTW. Heaven help me if I find I can actually sew. Hope you are well xxx

  17. Just how much vision do you have? There is NO WAY i would conceive of such a dreamy dress from "that" (what can I say? Well done you - truly smiley chuckly experience reading this post :-)

  18. that dress is truly fabulous. I'm still loving your hair - I can't remember if I mentioned it earlier!

  19. Oh my! that came out great! and the colour is so good on you too :-) Love it

  20. aww, thanks Girls. I feel like such a little star. lol. It was such a lazy refashion, which I know you all can do, so scour those charity shops, and raid!!!