Belgian Flea Market finds

Thursday, July 14


I came back from Belgium on Tuesday, and saying its been manic at work will be a major understatement.

I had such a great time in Belgium although I did not do 2 things I had been looking forward to doing.

1) I did not go to Amsterdam. Complications complications. I had to go with my cousin, but she could not take time off work, so I was limited to Brussels and Antwerp.
2) I did not meet up with Santie as planned for our fabric shopping date. She unfortunately was not working in Antwerp last week, so no meet-up.

That did not stop me from going fabric shopping though. I managed to track down one fabric shop I found online called Maison Doree in Brussels. And it was really lovely. So many nice things to see, and touch. They had a wonderful jersey collection, but the price!!! I came out with 1.4 metres of a lovely fabric for €15...gasp!!! yes, I coughed up that much. and in my forgetfulness, I did not take a picture of the fabric. So I will have to do that at some point in time.

On Sunday, my cousin and I went to a flea market in Antwerp.Inspired by Molly, who always blogs about her wonderful finds, I persuaded my cousin to go bargain hunting with me. And what a trip it was.

First up, though not from the flea market, I got these two magazines. The first one, is in french, which is ok, since I read french, but the second one is in Dutch ( or Flemish??), so I have no idea how I will use that one. but no matter, if I can buy Japanesse craft books, then I can handle this too.

The french one, Tendances Couture, is really nice, and such a bargain because it only features Simplicity patterns. Imagine having to pay about  €5 max for about 12 Simplicity patterns. I first saw this magazine when I went for Zoe's MMJ Brighton meet-up. Santie brought it along for the swap, and I was so confident I was the only one who could read French there, I kept my desire to have it quiet. Too quiet, and a tad late. Tilly, it turns out, lived in Paris for a while.....yes....she took the magazine. lol.

At the flea market, I bought 11 past issues of Burda for the grand sum of €2.40. Yeah!!! They were 20cents each. They are all in Dutch too.
Then this ironing sleeve board for €2

A knitting bag with knitting needles inside for €2

A wooden bowl which I intend to use to block pill box hats with  - 50cents
A leather organiser - €1

vintage lace galore €1 for all

more lace, 3 thimbles, brown velvet ribbon, green buckle and sutff for jeans, all for €1.50.
I also bought a bag of 25 silver buckles for €3

a cute little battery operated hand sewing machine for €1
some fabric which I was told by the seller was from the early 90s.  Roughly 1.8metres each, at €1.50 each. The grey corduroy will hopefully end its life as a Beignet skirt.

Oh, and look what I found in a newspaper store? Karen this reminded me of you!!

And I leave you with a picture of my new hairdo!!

Afro Baby!!!

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  1. I've been thinking about you and wondering when you were coming back.

    Luck you found some awesome finds. That lace is to die for!

    Loving the 'do!

  2. LOVE THE HAIR! Ok, I can calm down now. Also, great haul. Welcome back.

  3. What a haul! Love the hair too, you're like a new woman!

  4. Didn't you just comment on not being able to go natural? Your Afro looks really cute! I have that top burda issue and a lot from 08 and 09 and a couple from 06 so if you need some instructions let me know.

  5. Dibs.. what wonderful finds and IO must say your new hair do Its fab ! Go Girl ! lots of love, lets meet up...

  6. That looks like it was fun and I too love the new hair! Can't wait to see what you make!

  7. Love your new hairdo! I was wondering when you would be back. You brought home some serious bootie there. Using the wooden bowl for a hat block is a great idea...and cheap! Can't wait to see your first hat.

  8. I love your new 'do! And what fabulous finds...

  9. thanks ladies. I think I am getting used to the stares from strange people on the streets now. My boss was son asked me what went wrong with my hair...I told him I was going back to my african roots....he did not understand

    Shawnta I will most def be asking you for help. alot of them are from 2008 and 2007.

  10. Oh Dibs, I feel so terrible for not being able to meet up with you after all. And for only just getting the chance to catch up on your post.
    PLEASE let's meet up when you're back from Mallorca, OK? xx

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