Purple rain, purrrrrrrple rain

Friday, July 22

Its official!!!

I have given up on experiencing 1 straight week of sunshine in London. It's summer, and it rains everyday ( well maybe not, but still....). So, sky dearest, if you insist on spoiling my "summer" with your agents, grant me one wish will you?

Next time you send rain down, I want some

Purple rain, purple rain
purple rain, purple rain
purple rain, purple rain

I decided to make a purple something yesterday because I had the Purple rain song on my mind ( does anyone else think Prince is a genius?). So here we are

My poor knickers looked quite lonely, so I decided to give it some company....

This has been lovingly stored away, it shall only see the light of day in sunny mallorca.

The camisole was a bit of a challenge for me. Though in the end, I had to smack my head because I had the solution infront of me all the time, but I had foolishly taken the hard way. The lace I used was 20cms wide, so I just measured my under bust, and cut two pieces of half that measurement. I did not add any seam allowance because it stretches so I figured I could get away with sewing without seam allowance.

For the triangles that protect my modesty (ahem), I tried to draft a pattern for them. About 1hr later, I was still fiddling around with my paper and pencil. Am I really that thick? I was not satisfied with any of the triangles I made. Finally, I traced the top part of a camisole I had at home, and that became my pattern.

Lesson learned: Never complicate matters when you can have easy alternatives.

Next up, swimsuit making. Wish me luck please!!

Have a nice day everyone.


  1. You don't need luck .... um sure will be great. Xx

  2. You are seriously inspiring me with the undies - they look SO good. I am brewing a session myself & your sources in the previous post will be very useful. I've the "Sweet Nothings " book as well which has allsorts of undies with patterns, but have not yet breached it ... next month perhaps. Good luck with the swimsuit!

  3. Wow! They look fantastic! I gave undie-making a go recently too, but I just used some cotton/lycra fabric so while your undies look like actual grown-up undies, mine somehow look like little kid undies :)

  4. Ooh la la! These look fabulous, so chic and pretty. Good luck with the swimsuit - could be tricky but I have no doubt that you will come up with something lovely.

  5. they are so pretty, and I love the colour. Loving the inspiration!

  6. I've never made lingerie but oh how you inspire! :) They look fabulous and comfortable.

    BTW where did you get your personal labels from? I would love to get some for myself.