Where are they?

Friday, April 15

I have not been able to sew a dress this week, but I have noticed one thing about myself this year. I have been wearing the dresses I have so far managed to make this year more than once. Which is alot in my case. Last year I made a few dresses, wore only 1 out of the house, and now I don't know where they all are.

Last year though, I was not so fussed about the finishing of my garments, and I was not remotely bothered about seam edges and all that. Coupled with the fact that my machine(Brother LS 2125) was the most basic machine on the planet, I did not have fancy things like an overlocker foot which I now have with my Pfaff. Plus being the lazy little minx I am, hong kong seams and french seams were not to be even considered.

I think I am taking a more healthy approach to my sewing this year, and even my husband has noticed, and is asking me to consider buying more expensive fabrics ( who would ever have thought men would encourage you to spend more aye?).

So, I thought I should show some of the things I made last year that I was prooud of ( for about 1day).

First up, the coffee date dress. Things did not go quite as planned with this one, so I changed the neck. Fortunately Elaine May (the selfish seamstress) was quite understanding, and actually helped me with more instructions on my all in one facing.

Where is it? - I have no clue. Will have to tackle it again this year because I really like the pattern, and it reminds me of me when I just started sewing seriously.

Next, the vogue 8470. I managed to do this dress, wore it round the house, then decided I did not place the zip well, took it off, and never put it back. I saw it the other day, and have kept it aside, to be looked at later this month hopefully. So I might (torchwood) be inspired to put a new zip by the time I go on holidays. I think it will be a nice holiday outfit.

Where is it: - Future project basket. Waiting for Princess Dibs to take pity.

Then I made this Burda magazine dress. I did actually wear this one to work, but i think I outgrew this. My pear hips decided to acquire more fat. So, I can't fit into this one anymore, and I THINK i donated this to a charity. Who will buy this, I don't know.  The pleats at the front were a bit dodgy i think . but nonetheless I wore it a couple of times.

Where is it: - no idea.

What I was most proud of that I made last year was the Vogue 8280. I cried a couple of times during the making of this dress. My husband had to tiptoe around me during the week I made this dress. I was quite happy with the end result though. I still have this pattern, and plan on making it again when i get a really good fabric. I will be using a cotton or wool fabric that has some stretch, so it will fit better. I did wear this one to a party the very day i finished it, and also a couple of times to work.

Where is it?: - I don't know to be honest. I grew bigger round the hips, and could not fit in anymore.

So, those were the things I made that I was proud of. The rest did not reach a noteworthy state of completion, so sadly (thankfully), won't be getting some blog time here.

Other things I made, and which I was proud of last year, were my wedding cake ( which I decorated mysefl) and my fascinator.

I bought a plain cake from M&S and decorated it. I made the flowers from sugar paste.

I folded the fabric and attached it to my top, to have that pink effect, and I just loved my fascinator.

I also put together the bouquet.
 I hope this time next year, I will be going through a list of what I made this year, and hopefully wearing one of them every week. Thats a big challenge, but I think with sewing, you have to push yourself all the time. I have 8 months to prove to myself that I can do it.

I am away for a week from today. Going to spend Easter with my in-laws. Unfortunately I won't be taking my beloved machine. So I won't be overlocking my seams. My mother-in-law has a machine so I will be able to make at least one dress. Hopefully I will have time to actually sew it and put some pictures up.

Happy Easter to everyone.




  1. Hi there, thanks for comment on my blog.
    Wow- what an amazing collection you have here - I love your Vogue dress- you really suit it. I've been a bit lax with my sewing of late, as I was getting a bit down about it - but you've inspired me to keep going:)
    BTW - love the cake decorations.

  2. Oh my god, they are all BRILLIANT. If that is you as a beginner... Sheesh. You must pull out the ones you still have and wear them. They're gorgeous. Well done, too, on your cake, fascinator and bouquet. A true renaissance woman!

  3. They're all lovely, I especially like Vogue 8470, you've got to tweak it so you can wear it on holiday! I love your wedding outfit too, you looked gorgeous. x