Goldhawk Road treasures

Thursday, April 7

As you may have noticed, I am obsessed with Goldhawk Road. "Obsessed" being an understatement. So imagine my delight when I came to know that Karen, of didyoumakethat  fame, is organising a shopping trip to Goldhawk Road for the London peeps.

She organised one earlier this year to Walthamstow market, which unfortunately I could not attend. I can't remember why I missed it as I definitely had it marked down as one of the things to do. She also has guides to other fabric hotspots, and even has one for Paris. Blimey!! talk about dedicationJ. So if you are planning on going to Paris un de ces jours, and would like to buy some fabric, I'd suggest you go to her blog.

So, knowing that in a couple of weeks, masses of sewing enthusiasts will be flocking to Goldhawk road from London and beyond, I decided to show some of the treasures I bought on my last visit to that famous road. I remember I was going there to get just some yellow silk fabric, and promised myself I would not spend more than £20. I ended up spending about £60. I could not resist the temptations. Lol.

So, here are a couple. The ones I am showing are ones I prewashed. The rest will be prewashed later, when I have decided on what to sew.

 The black one in the middle is actually from Ikea, but I washed it along with the rest.
 My husband's shirts were relegated to the back of the line because, lets face it, they are not as important as my fabric!!

 These treasures, and more, await the brave. So if like Aladdin, you are desperate for some treasure, head along to Goldhawk road with Karen, on Saturday, May 14th. However, unlike Aladin who only had two words to say, there will be no Sesame opening for you unless you punch in those digits on your card.


  1. I'll be going on the Goldhawk Road visit, see you there. x

  2. They are gorgeous fabrics. Thanks for the call out to our May outing. I'm even more excited now that I've seen those lovely purchases. We have lots of people signed up. Yippee!