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Saturday, April 16

For someone who loves sewing, fabric shopping is one of the things you look forward. In my case, entering a fabric shop is similar to a kid entering a candy shop. I get all excited, oohhing and ahhing when I see something nice. When I went to Berwick street (off Oxford Street, London), I oohed and ahhd in the first shop I entered, but that quickly turned to "huh?", and "oh dear", when I was told the price of a metre of a gorgeous cotton print. I quickly ushered myself out of the shop. Needless to say, I have never gone back.

Fabric shopping in London is quite interesting, but stressful, because London is so big, and you spend most of the day travelling from one end of town to the other. Sometimes its not worth it. I'm fortunate that I have my beloved Goldhawk road close to my house, but its really difficult discovering new places if you don't venture out of your area.

Cue in online fabric shopping.

Though I love fabric shopping, I have never bought fabric online. Well I did buy a lace trimming once, but I don't technically class that as fabric shopping. I think I'm much too scared that what I ordered might not come through, or that I won't love it when I see how it really is. Plus I always like to touch fabric and make a connection with it before buying. Also it does not help that some of the online fabric shops do nothing to really promote the fabric they sell, and sometimes the information provided is so confusing and the sites are so headache inducing that I'd rather not go there.

I've discovered one online shop though, which is really tempting me into buying some fabric. Its called My Fabrics. Its a German company I think, because they have their outlet store in Germany, and the prices are quoted in Euros.The site is well organised. They give care instructions for each fabric, as well as pictures of items you can make with the fabric.

Their sale prices are also very good. With prices going down to £2/metre on all sorts of fabric, like this pure 100% pure Italian cotton fabric, which went from 16.95 euros to 3.26 (£2.76).

Their shipping rates are not bad either. Anything up to 100 euros is shipped through DHL at 5.95 euros, and anything over that is free. Very tempting.

They also welcome visitors to their fabric outlet store in Halstenbek, near Hamburg. Which is good to know, especially if you find yourself in Germany. I wonder if it will be mad to plan a trip to Germany purely to visit this factory. Come to think of it, it might not be that bad, especially with cheap flights from EasyJet ( yes I know, my husband says I'm crazy too)

Ohh, so much to see, and touch.

Right, I better get off and start looking at possible targets for my sewing projects. Its a good thing there is the Goldhawk Rd. meet-up on the 14th of May. That way, I won't go wild on the My Fabrics website.

Take care everyone.



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