Blogger Meet-up and the day I grew up.....

Saturday, November 19

Ok so I'm already old, and my wisdom teeth are threatening to fall off any time soon, but today , I realised I had become a grown up....fabric wise.

As I announced yesterday, I was on a very serious mission today. Meeting up with fellow sewing bloggers is always a big thing with me, as I get to meet other people who help me justify my fabric addiction. Afro wig in place, I met up with Stevie and the gang at the Goldhawk Road Station. "The Gang" included people I had met before like Santie and Claire , and people like Alana, Nikki and Steph who I was meeting for the first time, though it seemed like we'd known each other before, because we all felt really comfortable with each other ( at least I did).

L-R: Santie, Alana, Nikki, Steph, Stevie and Claire.

Goofing around with the Maxwell bump!!
 I was quite impressed when we entered the first shop and Santie whipped out her shopping list.
This is how to concentrate ladies!!
 We went through the shops on one side of the street, and decided to have some lunch because at this point, I was almost passing out from hunger. A big thank you to Claire, who had the foresight, as always, to sensibly come along with some emergency chocolate bars. I very much doubt I would have been able to last till Vesbar for lunch, had Claire not taken pity on me and offered me one bar of Wispa.

Hungry women pondering the menu

Cocktails galore!!!

After eating and catching up, we decided to hit the other side of Goldhawk Road. I must at this juncture point out the fact that many more purchases were made post lunch. I think those concerned will agree with me that those little cocktails did help to make their fingers more nimble, which led to notes being withdrawn from wallets without hesitation, and four digit codes being punched into payment devices with such agility and swiftness that even Usain Bolt would have struggled to keep up.

Since I am presently handicapped on the alcohol front, I was more careful. This, I can assure you, had nothing to do with the fact that its the end of the month and I am most spectacularly broke. I want to assume I have become so wise in my fabric buying ways that I can now resist the lure of cheap fabric. Did I mention I was broke?

So I got 2metres this purple viscose jersey to make my vogue dress.....

at a good price .......I paid £9 for two metres.

and 2metres of this glazed cotton fabric for £3.50/metre. This fabric was such a big hit, with the girls, and I think about 4 of us bought this. 

I also bought 2 bundles of 100g acrylic yarn (£2.50 each) to make two snoods. I just loved the colours.

After leaving the girls, I went to John Lewis at Oxford street to find some clear elastic to use on my Vogue dress. Unfortunately, having dragged my now very tired body to Oxford street, I discovered John Lewis did not have clear elastic. I now have no other option but to order it online...yikes. I really wanted to make the dress tomorrow but as it is, I will have to wait until the post man brings me some clear elastic.

Shoulders slumped, I made my way back home. Normally, when I get home and Mr.Dibs is already there, I like to ring the bell for him to open the door for me. I have my own set of keys, but why use them when its so much more satisfying knowing that he will stop whatever it was he was doing, to open the door for me? ( hihihihihihi). Today however, because I had some fabric to hide, I quietly opened the door, sneaked into our bedroom, and shoved my bags under the bed....fear not folks, he readeth not my blog.......then I went to the living room, making sure to limp my way to the couch as soon as I knew I was within eyesight of Mr. and junior Dibs, put my legs up, and wait for dinner. The power of the bump folks, the power of the bump.

Have a good night everyone....


  1. hihihihihi! I think we can say it was a successful day! As for the elastic, perhaps we'll just have to assume now that John Lewis does not have everything we need (hangs head in disgust!)

  2. Its sad to see John Lewis fall off its pedestal...snif sniff.....i just ordered some on ebay now. So hopefully by the weekend I should have received it and made the dress.

  3. Dibs, these fabric colours will look great. Luck Mr Dibs don't read your blog... hrh don't read but one of his colleagues does and she tells him.. So no escape for me

  4. It looks like you all had a fantastic day!

  5. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!!! Wish I could have been there!!!

  6. Looks like a fabulous day! Love the wool and the jersey. Can't wait to see your makes. Re clear elastic: for future reference, MacCulloch & Wallis is two minutes away from John Lewis Oxford Street and stocks clear elastic. Hilarious about getting hubbie to answer the door to you and the power of the bump...

  7. Good for you. I'm using the power of the knee surgery as much as possible!

  8. Hi, I'm so glad I found your blog - you are hilarious! I tend to sneak my shoe purchases into my house, but proudly bring my fabric purchases in just to dare my husband to say something (he knows better and usually says nothing!).

    Can't wait to see your Vogue dress made up, that's the perfect pattern for a maternity dress and that colour you picked is great.

  9. Great post and great to meet you (+ bump) again Miss. Dibs :) I loved the way you haggled with all the shop keepers over price - especially that man for the remnants LOL!

    Re: elastic - you know I went back to visit the stores I missed out on ('cos we'dall decided to hit the market)? Well upstairs in 'A-One Fabrics' they had 3m packets of the clear elastic. I didn't have your number so I tried to call Stevie's but I guess you guys had already all hopped onto the tube by then :(!

  10. That purple is pretty awesome and I love the pink chunky yarn! I feel the need for a snood coming up, even though I only just finished my scarf...

  11. Looks like you all had fun , can't wait to see what gorgeous outfit you'll create ...

    When i was expecting last year,i really wished i had your skills to make myself a nice sexy but elegant maternity dress.

  12. Thanks for tip off Karen, will be sure to check out the MAC when I run out.

    @KMQ, hope your knee gets better soon. Will say a little prayer for that.

    @Kristy, lol, I'm a big fan of yours. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Claire, it was nice to see you again. i can't believe we missed the clear elastic. And i think we asked the lady selling there. just goes to show people don't even know what they stock...drat.

    @Alessa, you can never have too many weapons to fight the cold. May the need for the snood become so over powering that you cave in.

    @Thanks Lucy. You know you can always start learning so you are prepared for the next baby right? lol

  13. Hi,
    I am a long time lurker who lives in Sweden. Used to live in the UK (4 yrs) but was not sewing then. All that sewing time that has been lost!!!! :-)

    I'm planning to go to London in March. I wonder is Goldhawk Rd THE place to go for fabric shopping? I want to get as much fabric in as little time as possible - my husband is not as enthusiastic about this as I am...

    Really enjoy reading your blog!

    /Maria V

  14. Hi Maria,
    I would not really say Goldhawk Road is thte THE place to go to for fabric shopping, but it is one of the best because it has alot of shops in the same place. So yes, in your case, it would be THE place to go to. Saves you running around london. When in March do you want to come? I could be available to go with you. I'm due in April, but I'm sure I will still have some energy.

  15. Hi Dibs,, sorry i' m bit slow... That is very generous of you, offering to go with me. It Will be late march, so you may not be up for running around fabric shops...
    Mind you, i spent à day running around Ikea trying to induce Labour because I was so fed up being pregnant, so maybe it's not such à bad idea after all... :-)

    I'll let you know when i know for sure, it depends on My husbands work schedule, he'll be away for a few weeks, leaving me with the kids, so à shopping trip Will be what I have to look forward to. I'll keep reading your blog and Will let you know... Take Cate of yourself and the bump!


  16. And sorry about the spelling, stupid iPad spell check.

  17. THis looks like you girls had lots of fun.. Now...lots of happy sewing stuff.. Happy sewing.