Blog Redesign

Tuesday, December 13

It is all going abit mental chez Dibs. I have decided I want to redesign my blog. In my wanderings round blogland, I usually see some cool looking blogs, and I always wish my blog could be that cool. The plan, I suspect, is to disguise the fact that my sewing and other crafty attempts are not up to scratch, and I want to dazzle you all into loving my little blog with the beauty off it.

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There are so many changes I want to make to my blog. I want to launch a full scale attack on my header, the sidebar, the footer, the main posts,fonts,colours, the picture quality....the list gets longer the more I research the issue of blog redesign. I should at this point let you all know that I have no clue about web design. I intend to learn everything from various blogs and text books. Thank God for the internet, as everything worth knowing is available for free online...yes, i make no excuses, I am that cheap. I love freebies.

A couple of weeks ago I managed to stumble upon an html code to make snow fall on my blog. If you have not noticed my sweet snow yet, I suggest you go get your eyes checked. Next I decided to play around with my header. Fumbling first through Picasa, then photoshop( downloaded trial version, and miraculously creating the header.

Now I am tackling the sidebar, which does not remotely resemble what I want it to look like. Talk about some coding gone wrong. Unfortunately for you guys, you will be spending the next couple of weeks( months?) looking at the results of my coding errors ( of which I am certain there shall be many).

For the picture quality, I am currently trying to psyche Mr.Dibs into getting me an SLR camera, complete with a tripod and remote ( yes, there's nothing wrong with being overly ambitious). I have failed so far in all attempts. I am hoping my new strategy will work. I told him to get me the camera as a gift when I have his son. It is only fair don't you think? I wanted a baby girl, but since he robbed me off that, and had the gumption to give me a boy instead, I DEMAND reparations. I give him Noah, and he gives me a Canon SLR camera, which I plan on naming Chelsea. Now ain't that fair?


  1. If you have to deal with tonka-trucks, you need a pretty camera dammit! Also, you've probably already seen it but Pugly Pixel has some great tutorials, especially relating to blogger. If I knew anything about this 'coding' business you speak of I'm sure I'd love her site even more. Good luck with the design, I can't wait to see what you create! :D

  2. Oh Reana you have no idea how grateful I am to you this minute. I had joined Pugly Pixel, and then forgot how to get there. So you are my shining light

  3. PS: I have a crush on your blog layout.

  4. Fair trade, I say! Have you seen the 'Don't Fear the Internet' videos? :)

  5. I'm totally a knight in shining html, and thank you! x

  6. You will definitely need a decent camera when Munchkin arrives. As soon as my son started smiling I went out and bought a new one. For one thing the reaction time & shutter speed on my old one couldn't deal with how suddenly the smiles came and went and how quick he moved, all I would get were blurs. Does Mr Dibs not want to invest in his family? For shame.

    BTW I'm due with my second baby the week before you are and I'm watching any maternity makes of yours with interest.

  7. lol. Liz I am working on it rest assured. His resolve seems to be faltering. I think he does not want me to think I can get my way all the time, which I do anyway. hahahaha

  8. No I hadn't Alana. I just checked the site out. Quite cool. Thanks.