Work in Progress......Simplicity 7558

Monday, November 7

Ok, so let it never be said I do not listen to advice!!!

During one of my pathetic moaning spells about the lack of nice maternity patterns,Debi Marie and Scruffy suggested I try out vintage patterns. Marie even did a search for me on Etsy for maternity dresses. Talk about dedication to vintage wear. I did find one pattern I liked.......Simplicity 7558

I searched the internet for any completed version to see what it would look like. I only saw one version of it, made by Julie of Julie's Blog. I fell in love COMPLETELY with her rendition of it, and would have gone for the same fabric choice as her, but I have already spent all of my meagre monthly fabric money, so that Houndstooth version will have to wait till November.

I have this thick knit fabric I am going to use. I don't know how it will come out, but the pattern did say you could also use bonded knits. I have no idea what that means, but I am going to experiment with this fabric. I got it cheap anyway, for £1/metre. I have 3 metres of it this, and if I mess up, I will go back to where I got it from. It is somewhere near Tottenham Hale tube station.Its the fabric outlet for a knit fabric manufacturer, and the most expensive fabric there is £2/metre.

This is their address.

Cannon Street Jersey Fabrics Ltd

Knitted Fabric Manufacturers, Finishers And Printers
TEL: 020 8885 9401   FAX: 020 8885 9410

There is A LOT to be bought there. Some of it is quite comical, but you will DEFINITELY find something you want, like good interlock knit for £1/metre. Word of warning though, they do not take cards, so go there with cash, and make sure you take a trolley with you. Trust me!!!. 



  1. Thank you for the address - I think that I will need to visit this place - soon!

  2. What a cute pattern!

    Have you seen the season of MadMen where Betty is pregnant? I couldn't resist buying a few "1950's maternity tent" type patterns after seeing how cute they were on her. :)

  3. Vintage can definely look modern just by the fabric choice and this looks to be a fab pattern. I liked Julie's houndstooth version and I can't wait to see yours.

  4. I think I will visit this place.. I need to get around knits

  5. What a lovely pattern (and the houndstooth version is gorgeous). Good luck with yours!!

  6. Great tip on the shop - thanks! Can't wait to see what you make.

  7. Such a sweet pattern - I am looking forward to seeing the finished dress. x

  8. Stephc, I had a look at Betty's maternity wardrobe. WOW!!!now i don't know if it looks good on her because its HER, or because they are actually nice. hmmm....

  9. A trolley? Now you've got me salivating. Classy patterned knits can be a pain to get hold of and yours will look so cute in that sixties style. And congrats on your news as well!

  10. Steph, I know what you mean! I LOVE all of her clothes (when preg) and am upset that I only saw those episodes TWO MONTHS AFTER I had my baby! This dress is really cute though, even if you're not preg!

  11. I am so excited!!! What a wonderful pattern!!! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Of course you'll not be filling it quite yet!!