1 year closer to being a Lady of a certain age!!

Wednesday, November 30

So, people, today I turned 31.

There's nothing spectacular about 31.

 Its not like turning sweet 16, so full of innocence and hope for the future, and finding all sorts of ways to combine your name and that of your crush...In my case I was locked up in an all girls boarding school, so there was no boy to make doe eyes at....I did have a mega crush on my Head teacher's son, but as I recently found out, Mr.Dibs DOES read my blog, so I shall not give the juicy details of that crush here....ahem...I intend to stay married forever.

Its not like turning 20, when you consider 19 too young ( teenagers anyone?), and you feel ready to conquer the world with your this point I was reading law at uni and skipping class all the time to go to pubs with my boyfriend......said boyfriend was my highschool crush from above paragraph, but I promised......shhh, Mr.Dibs might be reading this on his commute from work as soon as I post it.

Its not like being 25, too old to make the same mistakes from your younger years without thinking SERIOUSLY, this time, of the impending consequences. In my case I decided to quit my job as an Account Manager in a leading advertising agency to come to the UK to do my Masters so I can return and earn even more money. 6 years on, I'm still here. The consequences of that decision? A Masters degree in IT and Management, a job in Marketing, a husband ( poor soul) and seriously knocked up.

And its not like the big 30, which I turned last year, but was too sick with a cold to go into town and be a bad girl. Its just another year added , which takes you ever so closely to being a Lady of a Certain age.

Today, my 31st birthday, though relatively insignificant, was destined, by events beyond my control, to be the one I will most likely think of every time my birthday comes around. Today, my dear friend, whose baby shower I attended a couple of weeks ago, had a cute baby girl. I have not seen Miya yet, but I love her already. She is going to be a very special little lady in my heart and life because not only is her mother one of my closest friends, but Miya is also my birthday partner, and everytime I look at her, I will remember my 31st birthday. Yes, the insignificant 31st birthday has become the one which will be remembered, pour toujours!!

Baby news aside, what else made today special for me were the gifts i received. Oh the gifts. I'm still giddy with joy.

First up, Mr.Dibs got me these.....

A supa dupa fly manicure and pedicure set because.......

.......for the first time in my life I have nails......

When I was younger, I developed the bad habit of biting my fingernails. A habit I have tried to stop unsuccessfully, until now. This is due in part to my pregnancy hormones which have made my nails hard as nails, and increased its growth speed. I tried to bite them once, and almost lost my front not cool..... So Monsieur Dibs got me this set to congratulate me, as well as to encourage me to keep beautiful nails.

Dremel Versatip, which will be useful for jewellery making as it is a butane gas.....

So many possibilities with this little monster......

Glue for.........

Dremel glue gun.....all to add to my already owned.......

Dremel engraver..........

Can you notice the dremel hobby obsession thing going on here? Now all that is missing for me is the hobby table.....Christmas stocking anyone?

Then money from his parents got me this

Xyron Design runner.....I am so looking forward to ribbon priniting....

These two are wending their way to me right now. Mr. Post man is being a naughty boy....

Xyron creative station

Xyron sticker maker

I got myself these just because......

Then I got surprised at work with this

A sewing box...yay!!

and some chocolate cake......yummy!!!

So a good day for me. I have not done any household chores today because its MY BIRTHDAY, and I can do what I want today. Birthdays are so cool right? imagine being treated this way everyday of the year....oh well maybe not....but we should have more days when everyone dots on you. One of my friends celebrates her birthday month....a whole month, can you imagine. I'm talking to you Vicks, I know you are reading this right now!!

And I leave you , with this song by Neil Hannon called "Lady of a Certain Age".


  1. Happy birthday, Dibs! I can't believe you didn't mention your birthday was coming. Or did you and I forgot? I am such a spaz so I can see me forgetting.

    Anyway, cannot wait to see what you make with that drill!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Dibs!!! What great gifts you've received, no wonder you're one happy lady!!! And how lovely that baby Miya has marked your 31st Birthday, it's a fabulous way to remember it!

  3. Happy Birthday! It looks like you have been properly spoilt, I am very envious of all your fabulous crafty gifts! x

  4. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on the fingernails, from one nail biter to another. :)

  5. Most splendid, congratulations! (be warned: if your Dremel collection mysteriously disappears, I may have stolen it!) xxx

  6. Happy birthday Hun. I wish you all the best on your new journey into motherhood. Xx

  7. What a truly lovely blog post. Happy birthday, darling! It looks as though you're being spoilt rotten. I like the sound of a birthday month. Perhaps I should suggest that for February...

  8. Happy Birthday - what amazing gifts...your house sounds like it's now better stocked than most craft shops near me!

  9. Happy Birthday! What great presents. You are going to have so much fun with all those. I am intrigued to see the ribbon printing.

  10. Happy birthday! What a lovely day you are having. Personally I'll for a Festival of Dibs. I have month long Festival of Michelle each September!

  11. Happy birthday! What a brilliant bunch of gifts. I'm intrigued to see what all those machines actually do! (never heard of ribbon printing before but that sounds right up my street...)

  12. Happy birthday Missus Dibs!
    I have never even heard of most of your presents - so I look forward to seeing what they do in future posts!

  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes ladies.

    Mela, I did tell you on sunday, but you probably just forgtot.

  14. StephC ha, glad to know I'm not the only one. I am still heavily tempted to tuck in every often. sounds gross right?

  15. Santie, like I said this morning, I am brushing up on my Hogwarts protective spells against thievery.

    Michelle, my friend Vicks was born in September as well, and she goes mental from the 1st. of course that drives us mad as well, as everyday is an opportunity for her to remind us of her birthday.

  16. Happy birthday! What awesome presents you got - your husband obviously takes notice of your crafty love. I turned 34 last week so I'm even closer to being a lady of a cetain age than you, but likewise I found turning 34 a little underwhelming too!

  17. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had an awesome day, and those presents are seriously cool!

  18. I'm sorry I'm late, but in some ways am keeping the birthday month going!! Happy birthday month of december dibs! Lovely post and what awesome crafting presents. I hope you share your makes with us- always interested !! Can't get over your dremel collection. Serious craftware!