The Wrap Dress Project: Schedule and my pattern selection

Friday, October 4

Can you believe 15 of us want to make a wrap dress? I can't wait to see what everyone does. Ohh, the fabric choices, the patterns, the frustrations I know will come with making dresses.

There's been so much stuff going on lately, and I have not had time to sit down and properly write about the Wrap dress project. So yeah, here goes.

Time Frame

First things first, I have found that I don't do well with keeping sewing schedules and all, so I am going to leave the time frame to you all. You can set yourself personal deadlines within our time frame. This is a very relaxed sewing project, the most important thing is to sew something you love which you will wear time and time again. I find that when I have a deadline, I rush things, and I end up not taking the time to sew properly, and I find myself really stressed, and since I want to live for ever, I am not going to impose a tight deadline on myself with this project. So I say we have between Saturday 5th October - Saturday 7th December, to sew our wrap dress(es). Two months. Not bad right? That way, we all have the time to sew our beautiful wrap dresses, whilst also having a life. This is the run up to Christmas, and I know people will be busy making Christmas gifts, and doing all sorts, and the last thing I want is for someone to go crazy because they did not complete their dress on time.

You don't have to limit yourself to one dress only. You can sew as many as you like. It is up to you. If you want to sew nothing but wrap dresses from now till the end of the year, then by all means, go for it. I for one will be going crazy. I already have some delicious fabric I ordered from ebay, and I have my patterns ready to go, so watch this space.


When I first spoke about this project, a couple of you wanted to know if I had a specific pattern in mind. Yes and No.

Yes, I have 4 patterns in mind that I want to make up.
No, I do not have a pattern in mind for you to make. That decision rests with you.

You will be the one making and wearing the dress after all, so the pattern choice depends on your style. It is true that most wrap dress patterns are similar, but then, your fabric choice will also influence your pattern choice. I for one will be making my dresses with knit fabric. Some of you might want to make a wrap dress from woven fabric. So, a lot depends on what you really want.

The patterns I have at home are

Kwik Sew 34489

Vogue 8379

Mccalls 5974

New Look 6097

There are so many different wrap dresses out there, and I know that everyone will at least find one that works for them. 

Now I know the patterns I have selected might not be everyone's cup of tea, so the next post will be focusing on other patterns you could use, and links to resources that could help us all in our quest to conquer the wrap dress.

I will also at some point this weekend, or early next week, create a flickr group so we can upload our progress there and discuss our makes.

Does that sound like a good plan? If there is anything you feel I should cover please let me know. I have never coordinated a sewing project before, so I am not sure of what I am doing. 

Have you all decided on your patterns and fabric yet? Do you have tutorials on wrap dresses that you think we will all benefit from? If yes, please do share , and I shall compile everything and add the to the next post.

As a reminder, the Wrap Dress Project shall be running for 2 months.

Start Date: Saturday 5th October 2013
End Date: Saturday 7th December 2013


  1. I shall join in with you. I have been planing like forever to make a wrap dress. And two months I think is plenty of time. Have a few patterns already lined up. However, I think I will start with my latest addition to my pattern stash. which is the Crepe dress from Colette. Love the idea of having the wrap at the back. :)

  2. I would join in but I m afraid I don't have any suitable fabric in stash.

  3. I need to make myself a wrap dress or two but need some incentive. I'd love to join you on this journey. I already have a pattern and fabric in mind.

  4. I am going to make the Burda style wrap dress in a red and white silk jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. I have to print the pattern and tape it together and I will be set!

  5. Hi Dibs, the schedule works for me. I already have some great fabrics !
    I had made an article here on DVF wrap dresses and wrap dress patterns.
    Here is a tutorial on :
    - how to raise the neckline on a wrap dress :
    -another one for a FBA on a wrap dress :
    - SBA on a wrap dress ( scroll down the article) :

    1. Thanks for all those links, Threadie. The SBA in particular will be useful for me. :-)

  6. I'm gonna try to join y'all! We have a wedding to attend at the end of October and I need a nursing friendly dress to wear. I was already planning to try and sew a wrap dress, so why not join the fun here!

  7. You can count on my participation girl! I've been meaning to make a wrap dress in forever and this is just the right nudge. I even have the pattern and the fabric waiting for me in my stash. :-)

  8. By the way, I'm going to be using this pattern, Vogue 8827. As soon as I saw it on Sallie Oh, I rushed to Vogue Pattern online to get it. (By the way, I'm sure you all know that it's totally worth it to become a BMV club member? i've saved a ton of money that way. They have regular sales and I got so many patterns for 1,99$ I can't even count.)

    And seeing Heather Lou's drop-dead-gorgeous version only has made matters worst recently. So I'm defos going with that pattern.

    Now, the real question is WHICH FABRIC?? I might have to make two or three dresses, now, people, because I just can't make up my mind. i'm afraid I'm going to be that nutcase "sewing nothing but wrap dresses from now till the end of the year". :-)

  9. Ooh, ok, I'm in! I have some cute fabric with Autumn-y colors that might make a very cute wrap dress indeed.
    I've got Butterick's B5030 in my stash, too! I can't wait to see everyone's creations!

  10. I'm in! I have two wrap dresses planned - a colette crepe in rainbow shirting stripes that I am going to underline in blue and green silk, and a Vogue 8784 in Tresco C Liberty which is fully lined...I think I can get both of those done by December. I adore that Kwik Sew pattern and so I hope I don't regret the Vogue but I already have the pattern.

  11. I adore wrap dresses and will be making one to post in January! So I will be a little behind schedule but I will be there eventually. I've actually chosen your first pattern choice after much internet research - it's going to be a DVF inspired make - watch this space!

  12. Ok, this looks like a fantastic sewalong and I would love to participate! I have Butterick 5206 that I would love to make. Can't wait to see other's makes. I just did a blog post about Diane Von Furstenberg and knit wrap dresses here:

  13. Das sieht ja fantastisch aus, gefällt mir gut.

  14. Hi Dibs! Your timing for this challenge is impeccable! I am currently "wrap dress challenged" meaning I've made a couple that just didn't look good on me. However, I promised myself I wouldn't give up and wanted to try again to find just the right one! Enter your "Wrap Dress Project"! The schedule works for me, so you can count me in too!

  15. Whoops I missed this post. And yet, my Minerva party dress (Vogue 8827) is a wrap dress. Hey. I'm in Miss Dibs.

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