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Monday, October 14

This post is long overdue I know, but I have a good excuse. Life!. Yes, folks, life gets in the way sometimes, and we just can't keep the promises we make.

I do have some updates.

First off, the Flickr group is now set up, so why don't you head up there and start uploading your ideas, muslins, and makes? Make us jealous with your sumptuous fabric choices, share your knowledge, get inspiration, and best of all, inspire others.

Secondly, a few links to help you with your wrap dress.

A fashionable stitch did a sew along on a a shirt dress and a wrap dress. Loads of tips.

This Threads article focuses on wrap dresses. IF you do not have this edition, or are not an online member, let me know. I will see what I can do.

Free wrap dress pattern

My friend Sandra, who blogs over at Threadie, has a very informative post with links and videos on wrap dresses hereShe is French, so her blog is in French, but I am sure you can get Google to translate the page for you. You can still watch the Diane Von Furstenberg video for eye candy.

Sandra also provided us with the following links.
- how to raise the neckline on a wrap dress :
-another one for a FBA on a wrap dress :
- SBA on a wrap dress ( scroll down the article) :

Thirdly, the blog button.

I finally have the button for the Wrap Dress Project. If you need to use it for your blog, grab the code from the grab box below and tell the whole world you are wrapping yourself up this autumn/fall.

Dibs and The Machine

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  1. Hi Dibs and thanks for sharing the link to my free wrap dress pattern over at So Sew Easy. I'd love for your readers to use my pattern and make their wrap dresses - and I'm really keen to see how they all get on with the pattern and see the finished results! I'll be keeping an eye on that Flickr group.
    If anyone has any questions I'm always happy to answer them. Deby at So Sew Easy

    1. Oh thanks so much Deby. I will make sure to emphasize this on my next post.

  2. Hi Dibs! I have just finished a wrap dress using some of that gorgeous fabric you 'enabled' me to buy:) I'll try to get a pic on the Flickr group.

    1. hahahahahaha. I will not be blamed for any fabric purchase. Can't wait to see the dress.

  3. I want to join but I doubt I can finish in time. It's been taking me ages to finish stuff. I think I am going to stand on the sidelines and just get inspired. Great idea, Dibs!

  4. You certainly did a marvelous job linking all of this wrap dress info. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Although this is very tempting, I will be left out of it and looking at all this inspiration in the distance. Looking foward, dear friend ...