Millinery Course Interview : Part One

Thursday, August 11

I am in a little tight spot.

It seems I started jubilating too early over something.

Remember a couple of months ago I stated that I was going to start a millinery course in september at Kesington College? Well it turns out I had spoken too soon. For I received an email stating I was to come for an interview, with samples of hats I have made, on the 8th of September. hmm!!!

Now, I have not made many hats, and the ones I have made might not get me unto the course. So I have to make more. I had planned on starting my autumn sewing as soon as I got back on saturday, but I´m afraid this will have to be pushed back until I am sure I have made about 3 or 4 hats. Oh boy!!

I don´t even know where to start. Does anyone know anyone who has done this course before, or something similar, and who had to present samples of their work?

For the hats, I am thinking since Autumn and Winter are around the corner, I could start with hats relevant to those seasons. So :

  • Cloche
  • Beret
  • Newspaper Boy
 Cloche Hats

Can anyone remember Angelina Jolie in Changeling???


Newspaper Boy!!

Curtesy of Stained Couture

I love cloche hats, so I think that is a good place to start. The Weekend Designer has a lovely tutorial to make this Banana Republic cloche hat.

I also have two millinery books which I think will help me with the beret and the newspaper boy cap.

Hats!! by Sarah Cant

Design and Make Fashion Hats by Karen Henriksen

These are a couple of Karen Henriksen´s hats which gives me an idea of the type of newspaper boy hat to make.
Curtesy of Chicago Sartorialist
and I just love this piece by Sarah Cant

So all in all, I have my work cut out I think. It does not help that next weekend I have to go to Germany (Dusseldorf actually) to see my step-mom who is visitng my cousin. My step-mom is visitng from Cameroon, and this is an opportunity for me to see her as I am not sure I will be going home this christmas.

I wonder what colours I could make the hats in. What do you recommend?

Have a nice day everyone.


  1. Dibs, I am sure you will get this together. Colours : Beige, White,Burgandy, Mauve...
    I also like the floppy 70s style.

  2. Hi Dibs,

    I've just finished a Lingerie course at KCC which also had an interview, I did show them some garments I had made before but the main thing is getting your passion across. If you can't make some hats in time you bring something different like a moodboard of your inspiration or a sketch book with sketches for ideas.
    At the end of the day whatever you bring in, doesn't need to be perfect because that is what you are going there to learn! I saw this year's diploma students collections on display they were amazing, can't wait to see what you make!

  3. @Freya
    thanks Freya. That´s cormforting to know. I loved your final collection. I hope I get on the course. I believe I could learn so much from them.

  4. @House of Pinheiro

    Rach I will see if I can find fabric in those colours. Those are quite neutral colours. I´ll look at bright ones too. Brighten up the english winter. lol

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  6. Seems odd, surely if you are going on a hat-making course you need to learn how to make hats, if can already make hats you don't need the course?! Or am I being naive and simplistic?

  7. @Louise

    I thought exactly the same thing Louise. Then again, the courses are subsidised by the government I think, and so they probably want to gauge my interest in hat making. I think they have to do this, to make sure they take the right people.

  8. I love hats in deep colours like purple and red. Good luck with your hat making!...we share the same birthday :)

  9. @Alexandra

    OMG!!! hello there bday partner. lol. So I am going to do a purple or red hat in your honnor. How about that?

  10. What a strange thing! I thought the whole idea was to 'learn'. If you can already make them why take the course?

    Colours: I think a light neutral would be good and as you're coming into the colder months rich dark/jewel colours would make excellent choices.

  11. Very best of luck with the hat making and interview - it probably is about the passion in which case you'll walk it!

  12. @Shelly
    Thanks Shelly, colours noted. I will have to do a post about those colours, and we shall all decide which ones to go for.

  13. @cyberdaze

    hahahahaha. That, was a nervous laugh. I hope I do. and Freya mentioned the same thing, that its about the passion too. Thanks for the wishes.