Good news aplenty!!

Thursday, August 11

I´ve been in an epic battle today with Alcudian mosquitoes. I am quite sad to say I am losing the battle. I don´t want to loose the battle, but I know I will !!.

It would have been ok if they just feasted off my honeyed blood in silence. But NO!! They have the effontery to be noisy about it!! Little gits!!!

Anyways, at this point, I am not too piqued about my impending loss in this battle.

Know why? No????

oh well, I fell upon two things today that have made me so happy, I almost shouted out to all the little Alcudian misqui-misquies  to come dine on me to their hearts content. I would not have noticed the loss of blood. For you see, I read today that Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns has a book coming out in November!!!.....November!!! my birthday month.

I was born on the 30th of November, so needless to say I am quite excited. I thought long and hard today about putting this on my bday/christmas gift list, but in the end I decided not to. I am aiming for a Coverlock machine or an SLR camera this bday/christmas from Mr.Dibs, so I might as well buy this book myself. I will leave all the expensive stuff to the Mr.

The second thing which made my day, is the fact that the Selfish Seamstress is back!!!

Elaine (Selfish Seamstress), was the first blogger that got me hooked on sewing and blogging. I found her blog through the Coffee date dress pattern she so generously offered for free on Burdastyle, and when I ran into difficulties making the facing, she sent me a link to a tutorial that helped me. That is how kind she is.

She´s been gone since December 2010, but she is back now. Thank God for that!!

If by some miracle you have not heard of her, please do check out her blog. She is very funny, and has loads of free stuff on it.

Take care everyone!!


  1. Both of those are awesome!! The mosquitoes not so awesome.

  2. @Shawnta
    I told yesterday I was not interested in fighting, and just ignored them. Lol.