MMJ Day 7: I could be a model

Tuesday, June 7

Yes I could. Though statistically, I'll be struggling.

I'm only 5ft4 so that disqualifies me for the runway i think. Still, there's nothing wrong with playing along. So today, my official photographer suggested I pose like a professional model. Hmm....We took a lot of pictures, but I am only putting two on here. These two, are the ones where I look less silly, and I do still think I look silly in

I wore the dress I made by using my old top. I really like this dress, it was so easy to do, and it feels so cormfortable.

I'm not sure what I am doing with all these angles in the picture, but isn't this what gets put
 in magazine spreads? lol

I have no clue what my photographer hoped to achieve with this pose. This was enough to convince me I would be a crap model, coz I was not supposed to laugh.

One thing i retained from todays photoshoot ( i insist on calling it that), is the fact that I am not cut out to be a professional model. I spent the whole time laughing, and gave completely different expressions to what my photographer was asking of me. Plus, when I used to watch america's next top model, i used to cringe at some of the themes and challenges. I wouldn't mind the money though, and the free stuff...ah...imagine not having to worry about the price of clothes.

I received some really helpful feedback yesterday regarding a good skirt pattern that would be easy to make for the rest of the june days ( thanks everyone). So I am currently checking them out, and will get 1 or two patterns this weekend.

There was the mention of pencil skirts. Ahem!! I am quite honestly scared of making one because I never get a good fit with pencil skirts. my waist is a size 10, and my hips fit into size 16 for pencil skirts....that, is alot of divide, so I tend to go for flared skirts. I used to be safe with A-Line skirts, but even they are getting quite dodgy on me now, except they are seriously flared.

I tried to draft a pencil skirt the other day, and when it came to connecting the waist and the hips, the diagram looked so strange. So either I don't know how to draft a skirt, or there's something rather strange with my body. I don't think I will be trying that again. lol.


  1. great photoshoot ! Ohh fitting problems cause all of us to go mad. I hope u dont give up on trying skirts. I am writting a how to draft your own post this week so I hope it will help you ! xx

  2. oh that will be great. I'll be checking it out.

  3. That's a gorgeous dress! Great to see some interesting poses, so don't give up on the modelling career!

  4. You look like you are having fun in these photos! I really like that dress too. I love cute, comfy clothes.

  5. Very cute refashion!!!! I'm in a similar fit boat. I have a 12/14 waist and a 18 hips. I still like pencil skirts. My calves are a little on the scrawny side so I always have them stop right above my knee. I like the flirty full skirts too but those sometimes have a bounce affect off the booty so you would have to remember to lengthen them a little for work. I'm hoping I can finally get a wearable version of B5613 which is that kind of skirt.

  6. Hey, love the poses. I know I have trouble not laughing when getting my photo taken so don't give up on modelling you look like you are having fun. Loved the dress when you made it, still do.

    What pattern did you use for the top you wore yesterday? It's really nice.

  7. Dibs, here is the link I told you about. Let me know if you need some help with it, ok. ! Looking foward to see what you are weaing next !

  8. Thanks alot. I 'll look at it in detail tonight at home. Did you do it yourself? wow!!

  9. Your smile is what makes this photo as nice as it is! I have a similar "problem" with my hips/waist. If you figure out how to make a pencil skirt that works for you, I'll be taking notes! I love the Lisette dress you made too. I didn't notice the cool darts from the pattern envelope. Now I have to try that pattern!