MMJ Day 11: Blogger meet-up

Saturday, June 11

Today I hung out with the beautiful Melizza of Pincushiontreats, wearing one of my assembly line tops.Her birthday was a few days ago, so we decided to celebrate by doing what we both love guessed it all right...FABRIC SHOPPPING!!

She decided to take me to one of her favourite fabric joints called Rolls and Rems. It's located in Holloway road, which is on the Piccadilly line, for anyone interested.

When I woke up this morning, I spent some time trying to think of the best way to tell my husband I was going out fabric shopping without receiving one of those didn't-you-just-buy-more-fabric-last weekend looks. So the conversation went somewhat like this

Dibs (with the most nonchalant look ever invented) "oh, I will be going out shortly" 

Mr. Dibs (eyebrows arching): " ok, where to?"

Dibs: "Its my friend's birthday, so we are just going for lunch, and we might check out some fabric  
            shops. but i already bought some fabric last week, so i'm not looking for anything

Mr. Dibs( with a comical look of undisguised relief): "ok dear, have fun"

Oh, and what fun I had!!

Its amazing how quickly your steps widen when you see a fabric shop on the horizon. I met Melizza already there, with a latte in her hands, looking very chilled out and relaxed. Not me. I was on fire, and ready for some action. I quickly asked her where the remnant basket was ( as I always do when i enter a fabric shop). 

This was a proper remnant basket (box actually), with proper sized remnants. Measuring anything between 1.5 -5 metres of fabric, with the most expensive being £6.99. Now how awesome is that. And they kept adding to the pile, and we kept picking them up, almost snatching them from the poor guy's hands. Fabric shopping is fun, but its so much more fun when you are with someone who loves fabric shopping as much as you. 

Melizza with her purchase

This is how satisfied people me, its true

Part of the shop

From there we went to the market, where I got some bias piping, and other stuff. Next stop was this car boot sale.

I surprisingly did not see anything I liked here!! SHOCKING.
At this point, our energy levels had plummeted to a not-so-respectable zero, and we headed to a Spanish restaurant for some much needed nourishment.

Melizza tucking in to delicious tapas

Taking a break from eating to pose 

Main course
So, what did I buy?

4metres of blue satin for, 4.5 metres of black taffeta, 3.5 metres of cotton lawn, 4 metres of blue flowery cotton, and 1.5 metres of green and cotton for the respectable sum of £29 !!
After I left Melizza, I headed off to Goldhawk road in search of a particular stretch cotton fabric. I am using it for Faye's Summer Dress Challenge, and I forgot to cut the bodice front, and I ran out of fabric. So I went to the shop I got it from, and as was expected, it was sold out!! Shawnta suggested I use another fabric for the bodice, which i think is what i will do.

As usual, I could not come out of Goldhawk road empty handed. I found these in the remnant basket in one of the shops. They are all Italian cotton, and the least is about a metre, so these can give me 2 tops and 4 dresses. The cost of them all? 10 quid, thank you very much!!

I also got these, all six for a pound, which I will use in various projects, to embellish tops, or add sleeves.

So that was my day in review. 

As for Mr. Dibs, I took back a couple of beers for him. This was enough to draw his attention from the other bag in my left hand, which had all my fabric. smart non?

What have you all been up to?

Have a pleasant evening.


  1. It's just as well I live in the middle of nowhere - I don't have these temptations! Looking forward to seeing what you make with all these goodies!

  2. I knew you would go out for more! I knew it. More great finds. Had a great time shopping with you. We will have to return to Rolls and Rems soon...Well...soonish. I have so much to fabric that needs making. Organizing my projects now...

  3. and I highly suspect i will be seeing more napkins in the near

    @Roo, straight-up.

  4. Lol at the distraction! DJ is very supportive of my hobby but I'm sure when comes home from overseas I will get a raised eyebrow with the amount of fabric taking up the closet. Those are some nice finds!

  5. Shawnta you have no idea. lol... he is supportive, but i think the increasing fabric stash and the dwindling free space at home is taking its toll on him.

  6. I'm so jealous. You must have some amazing fabric shops where you live. I never find anything like this at the few fabric shops there are in my town. I love all the bright colours. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

  7. Oh, I'm so jealous about your mini get together! Looks like you had a fab time and managed to get some great fabric deals again Dibs!!!

  8. I had no idea that shop was there! It's not far from me - will definitely be checking it out!

  9. I thought it was about time you went shopping, Dibs - your fabric stash must be getting low (does it only fill one room?) ;)

  10. I will definitely make more napkins :) I love them. I am a born hostess :)

  11. This post made me smile Dibs! Looks like you had a fab day, I love how you describe yourself as 'on fire' as you were approaching the fabric shop! x

  12. What a fantastic Day ! Oh lucky girl !