MMJ Day 15: Sorbetto top and Burda July 2011 preview

Wednesday, June 15

I finally got myself to print out the Sorbetto pattern offered for free by Colette Patterns. So many people have already made this top, but I was especially impressed by Marie of A Swewing Odyssey, who has made 3 already. Yes you read it right. 3!! And they are all awesome.

When making my version last night, I finally understood why Marie fell in love with the pattern. It is such an easy make, and the instructions are very simple to follow.

 I decided to opt out of the bias binding for the neckline and armholes, and went for piping instead. My earlier attempts to use piping had been disastrous, as I i did not have the right machine foot for the job. My Pfaff's zipper foot is not like that of other brands so it was quite difficult to use it. I ordered a seperate piping foot, and that made the insertion so much easier. There really is a reason for all those extra machine feet. I will never, EVER, question the wisdom of seperate feet for different techniques.

Piped neckline

To finish the seams, I decided to try my hand at Hong Kong seams. I've decided that on small projects like these, I will try to make the insides as beautiful as possible. So I used bias tape to bind the seams.

Hong Kong seam

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I also checked the German Burda site, to see if I could find any previews of the July issue. From what I could see, this issue has a take on black city style. Which is good, for a stylish office wardobe. A bit dark for me now, but definitely a go for the wintery months,with colourful detailing of course. I love these black dressess.

For beach lovers....

As usual, the plus sized outfits steal the show.  I love this little red number. Is that red?

America clearly inspired the following outfits. Did they have to put the flag in the background as well? lol

For the romantics....I love the way the model poses in the lace dress, as if she is trying to drink some tea and calm herself down after having just read a letter from her lover, saying he is sorry, but he won't be able to meet her later for their secret rendez-vous.......

So she decides to do some gardening.....

.....and goes out by herself anyways, to show him that she does not need a man to make her happy.....

This edition should hit the stands in about 2 weeks I think. I don't know if I will make anything from this edition anytime soon, as I have a long list of projects I want to make from the previous editions, but I think I will  buy it all the same.

Have a nice day everyone.


  1. Great use of the piping! I love how it came out. Good idea on using the Hong Kong seams inside. Looks so clean.

    As for the flag in the background- the Fourth of July is coming up so that explains it.

  2. ah, now i get the flag waving. lol. i wish I could have been there for your do. I'm sure I would have enjoyed the food.

  3. I like your Sorbetto - the pattern's great isn't it? I like the piping you used too. I've got another one lined up to make in cotton shirting.

  4. I must download this pattern, every day I keep seeing more fab versions! The piping looks lovely too Dibs. x

  5. Love the little story you just made up about the last group of photos lol!

  6. You're a whirlwind of activity. I love this version! I really like the care you've taken over the finish. Hong Kong seams... Mmmm.... Do you finish the seam edges before or after sewing the seam?

  7. hi, seens like a good pattern to try ! Did your book arrived??

  8. Nice job on the piping! Small projects are good places to try new techniques. I finally broke down and bought an invisible zipper foot after fighting it for so long....much easier to put in those suckas now!

  9. thanks for the lovely comments ladies.

    @ Karen, it depends on what I am making. with this one, I did the seams aftwards. But if I am using my overlocker, I mark the seam alowance first, overlock the raw edges, which trims off some of the allowance, and then sew the seams.

    @P, the book has not arrived yet. I ordered the one for pants, and " Fit for real People". the second one has arrived, and they said the one for trousers will only arrive on friday. i'm not amused. lol

    @ Kestrel, the pattern is just the best . I can see myself making this many times over.

    @Jane, you should definitely print it out.

  10. Shawnta, an invisible zip foot is the first thing i alwasy buy after buying a machine. lol

  11. How timely, I just cut out the Sorbetto pattern today, but I haven't sewn it up yet. I am planning to make a PJs top first to try it out, and then to make a couple summer tops. Yours looks really nice - I love the piping.

  12. Top woman Dibs - you've got what it takes in bundles!

  13. I like your philosophy on finishing - and you have clearly taken such care with the lovely Sorbetto top! Yes, special feet are important, though I discovered that to buy a buttonhole-measurer for my Bernina would cost £60! Err... maybe not! I will stick to a ruler and buy fabric instead! I LOVE that "romantic lace dress" - might have to buy that Burda mag!

  14. Loving your Sorbetto Dibs ;o)