Pant Fitting with Sandra Betzina

Wednesday, October 3

The internet is not a good place I tell you. It is full of tempting things to render you even poorer than you already are....if you are as broke as I am that is. There I was today trying to find more fitting techniques for my Vogue dress, and I fell across a new Craftsy course. This time, it is a Pant fitting class. Hmm!!

I am really tempted to buy this one. For us in the UK, it costs £31. I don't have that kind of money now, so I shall contend myself with printed matter for now until I can spare that money.

This class comes with Vogue pattern 2948. Looking good. Where is my card.

I have just copied and pasted what is on the course page, just so you read it without going there, if you  don't want to be tempted.

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify the features of a good fit, and the key adjustments to achieve it
  • Fitting at the waist, hips and tummy; solutions for skinny legs, large thighs, flat backsides, big stomachs ... just about any fit issue
  • Transfer changes from paper pattern to muslin and back again
  • Comprehensive alteration strategies for any body type and size
  • How to spot and correct grain-line issues
  • How to stabilize, preserve and store your custom pattern to use again and again!

Oh  boy! I just found my card. Not a good sign.

The description goes on to say

What You'll Make

A custom-fit version of Vogue 2948, a princess-seamed trouser pattern designed by Sandra Betzina for the Today's Fit line, and sized up to a 57" hip
Note: This is a comprehensive fitting class; it doesn't teach you how to make the pants themselves. Want to learn? Stay tuned for the companion class, Pant Construction Techniques, coming soon on Craftsy!


I just bought the class. Drat!


I forgot to mention that if you receive the craftsy newsletter, the last one had a 20% discount link for this course. So for us in the UK, it comes to £24 I think. Or is it £25? One of them.


  1. Oh no, now I'm tempted, too! :)

  2. Yeah, I've been looking at that one, too, and been tempted! I think I'll manage to wait for the next sale... please tell us if it's good!

  3. It is very tempting! I'm sure you'll learn so much from Sandra - I've heard she is a master teacher! EEEkkk! Now you are tempting me!
    xoxo, Sunni

  4. I really want that class too and their new knit fabric one :-( ! So instead I added them to my Craftsy wishlist on my account and I'm now keeping my fingers crossed for the next time they .ate a same on LOL!

    1. ... Opps that should read "they have a sale on" haha!

  5. Ooh, I used to watch Sandra Betzina when she had a TV show on a random Sky channel yonks ago... She was great! Made everything seem very simple.
    Did you know she now has her own web TV channel? "Power sewing". I've not yet succumbed (subscription), but thinking about it!

  6. This looks like such a good class! Pants fitting is SCARY (at least in my little world) so this is super tempting. Must. Keep. Card. In. Purse.

  7. Darn you Dibs...I'm going to have to buy this now...

  8. Yes!! I saw this advertised last week and I'm getting mine on Monday!! Figured it would come in handy for the toile (muslin) fitting I'll need before the Thurlow sew-along!!

  9. Great info, I need all the help I can get. Thank you for providing such fantastic information.

  10. Eep! How fun!

  11. The Internet is a hypnotic place - sucking you and your credit card in. At least your purchase was for a good cause though (sewing and fitting!)

  12. Ooo!! I didn't know about this course! I am definately not buying it now, but maybe (in the future) I could be tempted, as I would love to make the Sewaholic Thurlow trousers. I'll be interested to know what you think of this. Good luck with the fitting! :)

  13. Tip / Cheat / Hack: sign up to Craftsy. Watch one of their free courses. Do nothing for weeks. They send you an email asking you to come back and to buy any course for 50-60% off. :-D

    By this method, they have successfully induced me to buy 3 courses, each for AUD$20 rather than AUD$40. (I went on to buy the Classic Tailored Shirt, and ended up buying Pants Construction. I had previously bought Sassy Librarian). Be careful, however, as this is not fool proof (or perhaps, I am a fool) because I also purchased other things and spent more money than I intended!