The Knickers of Bath

Wednesday, September 19

My weapon of mass destruction

This is quite a picture heavy post. Sorry people.

This past Saturday saw the fulfilment of one of my childhood dreams. Childhood here referring to my teenage years. The dream in question, was visiting Bath. Yes, Bath. The World heritage city that is Bath. Bath, the home of Alyson, the Wife of Bath. For those of you not familiar with the Wife of Bath, or The Wyves Tale of Bathe( Middle English), it is one of the poems of Geoffrey Chaucer. It was also part of my English Literature syllabus when taking my A'Levels. I have been in the UK for 7 years now and I have visited a host of cities but for some reason which completely escapes me, Bath was never one of them.

The Wife of Bath's Tale addresses a couple of themes, such as the economics of love, behaviour in marriage, female dominance, sex and anti-feminism. What do all of these have in common? Knickers people. Knickers. It is not for nothing that those little things command vast sums of money. Can anyone think of a more fitting weapon in the female arsenal than knickers.  How fitting then, that my first trip to Bath involved knickers.

Winnie of Scruffy Badger Time, was hosting a couple of us for the day and boy was I excited to be going away. If only just to escape the boring routine of nappy changing and singing foolish songs in an even more foolish way to a 5month old baby who, lets face it, does not even know what you are going on about and I suspect would rather you shut up.

What  lovely day I had. It was not without incident mind you. I had made a dress to wear for the day, but my tummy was looking rather gross in it. So out came the Spanx. It needed a wash though, and I did just that the night before, and put it in the spare room with the dehumidifier on, so it could dry overnight. Mr.Dibs, it seems, was born for the sole purpose of spoiling my day, because he turned off the dehumidifier without my knowledge. Yes, you guessed right. Come dawn, my Spanx was still as wet as when I hung it to dry. So a quick outfit change was needed. Jeans, and wedges. A decision which sadly, almost ruined my day. The girls mercifully gave me time to dash into a charity shop and buy a rather lovely air of brown leather shoes. Thanks Girls!!

The day started with us having breakfast in a pub near the station. We all had an early start, and many of us had to eat.

After eating, it was time to explore the city. There was a Jane Austen event taking place so it was quite interesting to see people decked up to the nines in fashions from the past.

After lunch, we moved on to the highlight of the day. The Knicker making workshop at the Makery.

The day was made even more special for me because I finally met Kerry, who was one of the first people to follow my blog, and whose blog I love reading. When I saw her, I actually squealed, and jumped up to meet her. A reaction that sounds crazy I know, but what do you do when you meet someone you've been wanting to meet for a long time?. Sadly, Roobeedoo, could not make it. Now that is one woman I would gladly shave my mother's hair if it meant meeting her. I am beginning to suspect I will have to actually go to her part of Scotland to meet her. If you are reading this Roo, I WANT TO MEET YOU. Got that? To the rest of you, I am not mental. I promise you.


  1. Ahh lovely pics and knicks - you lucky things! I am intrigued that you would shave your mother's hair to meet Roobeedoo... does your mother know that you're threatening her follicles?

  2. Oh my goodness! Does your mother know?!
    Really - I am not THAT exciting ! ;)
    I was really sorry not to make it, but I am sure we will have a chance to meet now that my Girl lives in London - she made me promise to visit her "sometime" so hopefully I can combine it with some blog-pal-meeting! :D

  3. Hee hee, it was so so lovely to finally meet you too Dibs! I had such a fantastic day. Not to mention your reaction to me being very flattering, ha ha! Am also very impressed with how you managed to work Chaucer into a blog post about knicker making - bravo :)

  4. It was great to see you and chat properly! It was a fun day wasn't it?

  5. Fab pics Dibs, was a great day

  6. Looks like a fun day, and in the best company too

  7. I felt the same way meeting Kerry!! She's just as lovely and sweet as she seems on her blog, too! Love your undies-- they're way cute!

  8. Ooh! Lovely knickers. Are they made with a woven fabric?

  9. I really enjoyed your post, Dibbs and love your photos ( and the knickers of course!)Even though I grew up in South Wales, I've never been to Bath and now that I live so far away I wonder if I will ever see places like that. Anyway, keep posting and writing about the places you visit. It's great that you all meet up and sew together.

  10. Hey Dibs - I showed Kelly this blog, and she LOVES it! I cannot even thank you enough for my birthday surprise! You are the best!!!!! Jas(e) :)