I'm sorry madam, not with the baby....

Tuesday, September 11

That is what I was told as I manoeuvred Noah's buggy into a pub with such skill even Lewis Hamilton and his wannabe formula 1 drivers would envy.

I was meeting up with House of Pinheiro, Pincushion Treats and Stitch and Witter to celebrate the end of House of Pinheiro's MBA course, and I could not wait to sit down. My weary legs, unfortunately, were not going to get the rest they so craved. Apparently, our rendezvous point had a no children's policy, as they only served alcohol, Drat!!

The waiter smiled apologetically as he told me I would have to manoeuvre myself back out whence I came. He had this look on his face that said " I have to act like I am really sorry but I am actually really happy to be turning this irresponsible woman out on the streets. What did she think we serve here? Breast milk on the Rocks? Begone from my sight you irresponsible little fool." I kid you not. I almost heard the words, and no, I had not been drinking alcohol. I did feel sorry for him and his establishment though, because unbeknown to him, I just won a million pounds, and I was itching to start the spending spree.

Calm down people. I did win some money, but only in my head . Money won is money won. It does not matter that my new found wealth is a product of my baby addled brain. There are so many hours in one day when you find yourself on maternity leave, and sometimes, you need another hobby apart from sewing. Constructing my alternate reality with me as a millionaire is, in my books, more rewarding than unpicking stitches on a knit fabric. It is cheaper too. So there!

But I digress. Yes, back to the matter of the evil waiter who asked me to leave a london bar because I had a baby with me. Thankfully, the place was just a few steps away from Drink, Shop and Do . For those that have never been there, it is a lovely little shop where you can have drinks, buy crafty things, and make crafty things. 

Drink Shop and Do was actually quite nice. We had some tea and cakes, and chatted about "stuff". Noah even helped Joanne select something from the menu.

This carrot cake was to die for. If you ever find yourself here, make sure you have some of this. We all did.

I think Noah was not impressed with Mela for eating and not giving some to him. Oh my! You would think from his look that I do not feed him. I promise you, I feed this child constantly. I even did it while we were there. So no, he is not underfed.

So in all, a respectable outing on my part. A big congrats to Rachel on finishing her MBA,now, back to your sewing room woman, and sew some clothes.


  1. That looks like a fun meet up. Noah is absolutely adorable!

  2. Ahh! So many of my favorite bloggers all in the same place! Congrats, Rachel (and F the guy at the pub-- what a tool)!

  3. Oh what a horrible thing to be told! The second place looks like much more fun anyway so more fool that waiter!!

    Hmm I'm now in my own made up reality thinking about how fun a place that could be to run, - cakes and craft what a good combination haha!!!

  4. Waiter dude was a doofus. We had a better time at DSD. Heck, they helped out with the pram, twice! I love that place.

    Congrats again to Rachel and for giving us a reason to meet up :)

    1. thanks Darling, it was great to celebrate with you !

  5. Yay was really lovely to have dessert before dinner and meet all you lovely ladies (some not for first time) and the perfect little gent that was Noah - can I haz the baby?

  6. That is terrible to be ushered away for having a baby with you, shame on them! But at least you got to have a great day out, drink shop and do sounds fabulous