Freezer Paper Stencilling Project and Give Away

Friday, January 13

Howdy everyone?

I have not written in a while, I know. I really don't have any excuse to be honest. The one excuse I have ( which is a valid one mind you) is becoming a sing song ( yes I have not been well) so I will just chalk my inactivity to good old laziness. I might not have been sewing, but I have been busy doing other things, which shall be revealed in due time round these parts, so watch this space.

I don't have any new year's resolution. I never succeed in keeping them, so I don't set them. Having said that, I am going to say this year I hope I can do more craft related things, not just sewing. There are many new things I would like to try this year, when the time is right. Some of them ( like making leather bags) involve really toxic materials. I have been advised not to attempt using them until I am once more a single entity, having found the strength to expel a certain somebody from my body.....the little parasite....not my friend Vicks calls them that.

So, tonight I decided to do some fabric printing. I bought some plain shopper bags from ebay last week, to practise on. The idea is to customise my outfits and other fabric related projects by printing my own fabric. I'm thinking table linen, tea towels, skirts, tshirts, and in future, Noah's onesies.

Last year I went crazy and bought three books on diy printing, but as usual, was too lazy to make anything. I have been buying up a storm lately, stocking up on things I might like to use in my crafty projects when I am on maternity leave. So today after work I pulled out one of the books, and went down to business.

The pictures are a bit camera seems to be sick....I'm still working on Mr.Dibs regarding an SLR camera.

Using one of the images provided at the back of the book by Lotta Jansdotter, I traced the image unto the dull side of my freezer paper.......

Then I cut it out with a craft knife......

After cutting it out, I ironed the freezer paper unto the bag, shiny side down.Then used a sponge I had at home ( Mr.Dibs used to use it to clean his car) to apply some fabric paint to the cut stencil. You must put a cardboard or something hard between the two layers of the bag to prevent ink going to the back of the bag.

 Normally you are supposed to let it dry, but I was so impatient, and wanted instant gratification so I used my heat tool to dry the paint.

When it is dry, carefully peel away the freezer paper from the bag. It will come right out.

And there you have your new shopper. It looks really plain, so I am considering adding some words to it. That, will be a project for another day, or maybe not.

A spot of modelling.....trying to hide my ever expanding bump.

I am giving this bag away. If you like it, and want it, just leave a comment stating the other crafty things you want to try this year.

Whoever wins the bag will have the option of receiving the bag as it is, or if they desire, I can customise the bag further with whatever quotes they want on it. It could be your favourite saying, song title, or even the name of your blog. So start thinking of what you will want printed on the space above the bottle and cup.

This giveaway will close on Sunday 22nd January 2012 at midnight, London time, and is open to everyone, irrespective of geographic location.

Its Friday tomorrow. How excited are you about the weekend?


  1. Happy New Year.Your baby bump is lovely. Thanks for the directions.
    I have always wanted to try freezer paper stenciling but I have been too lazy!
    it's on my crafting bucket list for 2012.

  2. hey hun.. i got freeze paper but had not idea how to use it... can you use as appliqué fabric to one another instead of stencilling?? I'm not good with knifes ! thanks for that xx

    1. I don't think you can use it as fabric. It is paper, and I am sure when you wash your actual fabric, it will ruin the paper. You can use a pair of scissors instead of the knife.

  3. It's a very nice bag! I love that colour blue. In 2012, I want to try quilting, and keep learning more about knitting, crochet and embroidery. (Sewing too, of course, but I have more experience there than in these other areas.) I also want to try this kind of stenciling, but feel a bit "stuck" as I can't work out what freezer paper is in France. Do you think it's like cooking paper (the sulferised kind you can use to line a pie pan)?

  4. I havn't done this but my daughter does (she's 15) and the way she does it is to either draw on paper or print off if it's something from the computer, stick that onto cardboard, then cut it out with her craft knife and uses a radiator roller (which is small and has a foam head, from B&Q). This way she can uses the stencil a few times. She usually does T-shirts for birthdays and christmas. Hope this helps Mommy en France.

  5. Lovely blog post and thank you for the giveaway! I'd love to try card making as Valentines day is coming up and whats a better way of telling our other halves how much we love them than with a hand made card so yeah, I'd love to try that! :)