Birthday Give away Winners and a little twist

Saturday, December 8

Hello people.
Hope you are all having a cracking weekend.
I have my friend Vicks visiting this weekend and I roped her in to help with the draw. If you did not win, and you need someone to hate, I suggest you hate on Vicks.

So without further ado, here are the winners:

Sew U Home Stretch: Karen Marie

Colette Sewing Book: Caroline

Cordova Pattern: Jenn

A big congratulations to Karen Marie, Jenn and Caroline. Could you please send me your addresses?

And now for the little twist.

I decided not to do a draw for the blog makeover. I will instead give a blog makeover to everyone who said they wanted one. Since it is a service, and not a product which has to be shipped or posted, it will be easier for me to do 1 for all of you. So, the following ladies are in a for a blog makeover.

Carmen Bouchard
Arellis Pena

I will do it on a first come first serve basis. I need you to send me an email with what you would like for your blog. If it is possible, create a pinterest board with your inspiration, so I can get an idea of the type of colours you like and the layout. You can include pins of other blogs that you like the look of. This makes it easier for me to tell you if it is achievable. After you have done your pinterest board,let me know, and we shall take it on from there.

For those of you who do not have a pinterest account, and are not interested in creating one, you can send me a mood board of your inspirations.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Oh boy! Thanks so much for this chance! I'm getting on this now. :)

  2. U missed me... I need a blog makeover ;))

    1. Rach you know you just have t ask. lol. skype later about this?

    2. I hope you had wonderful Christmas

  3. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Thank you, dibs! You are awesome to offer a blog makeover to everybody who asked!

    Even though my background is in the computers, I am so not a artsy person and can't be creative with graphics at all.

  4. Bless you Dibs, you're so sweet! You'll certainly be busy with 11 blog makeovers! I've been thinking about making a few tweaks to mine for a while. I don't want you to be swamped with work, so how about I get in touch after Christmas when I've had a chance to think about ideas a bit?

  5. Wow, you are so generous!! I'm looking forward to seeing the makeovers on the blogs. :-)

  6. You are so sweet, lady! I hope you had a great time with Vicks!

  7. This is so generous of you! Thank you thank you thank you! I'll write you when I've come down of this high and have cleared up all my thoughts on blog redesign. Maybe after X'mas, as we are all no doubt very busy. Thanks again, this is quite a gift.

  8. Dibs you are amazing! Thank you so much, that is a lovely, generous thing to do with your time. Things are a little hectic around here at the moment so it may be a little while before I can get ideas together and sent over but I am very happy to be towards the end of the list. Thanks so much!

  9. too bad I didn't win but I congratulate all the winners!

  10. I just saw your other post -- happy 32rd birthday Dibs! I wish you all the best for the coming year! xo