An addition to the family!!!

Wednesday, September 7

So I have an announcement to make.

There's been a new addition to the family.

Meet our newest member:

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As of today, I am the proud owner of a Bernina 1010.

Today, I was unable to go to work because I was feeling poorly in the morning, so when I felt a bit better, I decided to step out to find something to eat. I passed by the charity shop near my house to look for any thing I could use for our upcoming house renovation. I managed to buy two picture frames which I thought were interesting, and which I could repaint. Then I saw THE Bernina. I don't know much about Bernina machines, but I know enough to know that they are the best on the market. I currently own a Pfaff sewing machine and overlocker, but if my pockets had been deep enough, I would have gone for a Bernina. That said, I just had to have this one.

I had the guy selling at the shop test it, and it seems to work fine. I also noticed it had recently been serviced, and was up for more servicing in about 9 months time. Not bad!!

It comes with no manual, and only only one presser foot which says "3" on it, which I assumed was the straight stitch foot. However, I checked online, I found out it was the buttonhole foot.


Not to worry! I said to myself, surely its only a matter of buying a straight stitch foot and a zipper foot. I have just looked at the Bernina UK website now, and if I was not already ill, I swear I would fallen ill. The price for a straight stitch presser foot at Bernina is £28. Not funny. Even less funny, is the price of the manual, which is £11 . I have not even bothered to look at the zipper foot. I imagine it will be around the same price as the straight stitch foot. Needless to say I am not as excited as I was when I just bought it.

I still think I had a bargain though, because I paid the princely sum of £39 for this machine. So if I buy a presser foot for £28, it won't be that bad.

Does anyone know anything about this machine? Any advice? I know Karen has a Bernina, which I must admit filled me with so much envy when I saw it( sorry Karen).

I won't even be able to use it anytime soon, and I am still trying to find an excuse to give to Mr. Dibs for its presence in the house. For now though, its securely wrapped in a bin bag, under the table. He won't think to

look at it. And if you are wondering why I am writing about the hiding place on here, rest assured, Mr.Dibs does not read my blog. I used to moan about him not taking an interest in my blog, but today I begin to see the wisdom of him not reading my blog.

Take care everyone, and have a nice evening.


  1. Congratulations on your purchase. I love my Nina!

  2. Oh wow. I am jealous! I have a rather basic, lower end of the range Husqvarna Viking, which I bought on super sale. I like it just fine, but am so starting to dream about one day upgrading and also about getting an overlocker (surjeteuse in French). Sewing machine envy, who would have thought...

  3. Have you tried ebay for your missing feet? I have a Jones sewing machine (which is much older than your bernina) and am amazed at how often spare parts for it turn up.

  4. I have a much older Bernina (which I love) Keep an eye on ebay, the straight stitch foot often comes up & is usually cheaper than the others, because that is the one that everyone else has. Also some manuals are available as free downloads on the US Bernina site. You might not get the exact one you need, but there will be similar.

  5. manual linky here

  6. I have a Bernina 1015, which I've had for 23 years and I LOVE it. It looks very similar to your machine, and if it has the same instructions, I'll gladly scan them and send them to you.

    I'm sure you won't regret buying it. I think it is a bargain!


  7. Congratulations on your purchase. I still have my trusty old Pfaff. Why don't you try Ebay for purchasing the feet you need. I'm sure you'll find them somewhere for less cost.

  8. Congratulations on your machine. I have to admit that the price seems really low, but live in the U.S. If I'd seen a Bernina mechanical at the price, I'd have snatched it up too.

    I know some professional sewers. Some love Berninas; others say that an industrial machine, like a Juki lockstitch, is a better buy. Certainly the feet are cheaper.

  9. Let me underscore that I am really envious. :-)

    (Anonymous 13:58)

  10. Thanks everyone for the advice. I did manage to look at the Bernina USA website and though the manual for the 1010 is not free, it is similar to the 1015. So I have been able to understand more about the machine now.

  11. Do you want me to scan my 1015 instructions and email them to you?

    1. although realise this is an old post, would love instructions as have lost mine